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A young girl and the loss of her beloved pet rabbit

A young girl and the loss of her beloved pet rabbit
A young girl and the loss of her beloved pet rabbit

“It feels like there’s a lump in my throat”. This is the description a young girl gave me to describe her sore throat.

Her mother tells me that she is complaining of constant pain in her throat. She feels better when she is eating and drinking. She is off from school and is spending a lot of time alone in her room. When asked she denies that anything is wrong.

I ask whether she has had sore throats like this in the past and she recalls that it had happened once before. I asked the mother a few more questions. The sore throat happened last year when the girl’s best friend had moved away. She was prescribed anti-biotics but they didn’t help and it took her weeks to recover. Her mother then mentions that the girl’s much loved pet rabbit died last week.

I gave the little girl a remedy for grief especially as she had also experienced the same symptoms when her best friend had moved away. The sore throat disappeared within a day and she was able to return to school and didn’t need to take any anti-biotics.

When we experience grief, one of the early sensations that we can experience is that lump in our throat feeling. This usually passes but sometimes it can linger as in the case with this little girl.

There are of course natural stages of grieving that we go through and they appear in no particular order, they are different for each and every one of us.   Sometimes we can get stuck in the stages and this is where homeopathy helps. If you are going through a period of grief or are worried about anyone who is please feel free to contact me for a free chat to see how I may be able to help.

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