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Feeling happy or sad as we approach 2018?

Feeling happy or sad as we approach 2018
Feeling happy or sad as we approach 2018

This is a funny old time of year. I always liken it to a “no man’s land”.  The festivities of Christmas have passed and we await the new year, some of us are excited and happy but others may be feeling a little bit sad or depressed.

For me it’s a time to catch up with friends, reflect, read, restore my batteries and generally slow down. Then once the New Year arrives it’s full steam ahead. I am ready with new hopes, full of energy and enthusiasm and most importantly continue to help people feel healthier and happier.  It wasn’t always like this for me but that all changed when I saw a homeopath for the first time 18 years ago and it changed my life.

For some, this time of year can be extremely difficult. Some might be looking back and can’t bring themselves to think about what the future might hold. Others might not be able to let go of a past hurt, they may have had a sickness and aren’t as able as before, others may have had a bereavement. There are many reasons why this time of year can be tough and people feel sad.

I know this because January is one of my busiest months as I help people to overcome health issues, worries,  feeling sad and particularly those who experience the January Blues.

People that came to me at the start of last year have all told me that they feel so much happier and more positive. Some haven’t had to use their SAD lamps, others have not been affected by things that would have caused them to react, others are now able to cope with situations that might have previously caused them anxiety or a meltdown.

Here are some testimonials from some of the people I’ve helped.

So how can I help you to feel healthier and happier for 2018?
People always tell me that it really helps having someone to talk to who just listens and is non-judgmental.  The first consultation (which is up to 1.5 hours) and this alone can be extremely therapeutic, enables me to prescribe a remedy that matches you and your unique symptoms. I have over 3,000 remedies to choose from so there will be one that is just right for you.

All this can also be done from the comfort of your own home (via Skype). I have patients here in the UK, Europe and the US.

If you would like to have a chat to see how I can help you to feel better and help make 2018 your best year please contact me to book a free no obligation 15 minute call.

Or to see how the process works please see “What to Expect from Homeopathic Consultation”.

Back to School Anxieties & Homeopathy

Back to School Anxieties & Homeopathy
Back to School Anxieties & Homeopathy

Back to School Anxieties
Can you remember the first day back at school after the summer holidays and the anxiety?

Even now many years later I can recall that feeling of butterflies and anticipation in my tummy.  There was no reason to feel like that but  after six weeks my new found freedom and free range routine was about to go back to having to wear a uniform, getting up and going to bed early – something I did not relish.   The nearer that date in September approached the faster the days would go by and anxieties would emerge.

So once again, September is almost upon us and the summer holidays are nearly over.  Up and down the country parents will be preparing and getting their children ready for school.

This can be a traumatic time for some children especially if they are starting school for the very first time, changing schools or just returning and going into the next class.

Some children look forward to going back and seeing their friends again, others aren’t so keen and for others it might be the first time. Small children might be wondering how they will make friends, what their teachers will be like, will they like them, they might even worry they will get lost in a large building. All these thoughts and feelings are natural and there are some coping strategies that you can use to help them:-

  • Start to get them into a routine by going to bed earlier
  • If homework is outstanding help and encourage them to do it
  • Ask them what’s worrying them and talk them through it
  • Talk about the positive things, e.g how they will make new friends or that they will see friends again

Some children may develop a deeper anxiety and signs to look out for are:-

If you are worried about your child then homeopathy can help. It is a safe and gentle non toxic form of medicine and I have helped many children with anxieties of this nature. Children are very responsive and usually respond to homeopathy very quickly.   I can do consultations via Skype or Messenger and post remedies out to you. There is no need for your child to sit through the consultation so it is less traumatic for them, although invariably they can’t resist having a peek and saying hello which is helpful to me.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute chat.

Homeopathy has been my Life Changer

Homeopathy has been my Life Changer
I now have energy to meet up with friends

Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.
This is the story of someone who took part in my Chronic Fatigue (CFS) Study.

Like most people who have CFS Linda found that she had the following symptoms:-

Linda told me that she wouldn’t arrange too much at weekends in case she became over tired and to cope with life she felt the need to hibernate. “I feel I can’t cope if there is too much going on”.

Linda wasn’t confident and would stress and worry about anything that might be going on in her life which would cause her great angst which could sometimes lead to a bout of depression.

During the last six months as Linda’s case unfolded, I selected different remedies to match her presenting picture at the time.  She is now able to cope with life’s ups and downs and in the last month has dealt with something that she would normally have found very upsetting and difficult to deal with but she took it all in her stride.

Linda has more energy to do things at weekends and now makes arrangements to meet up with friends. She still experiences some anxiety but it is greatly reduced and we are working on reducing this even further. She also finds waking up in the mornings much easier and one morning even did housework before leaving for work.

If some of this sounds like you and you would like more energy or you may have even been diagnosed with CFS/ME please feel free to contact me to see how I may be able to help you using homeopathy.  I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation which is a great opportunity to find out more and whether it is for you or not.

Helping Teenagers with their Exam Stress using homeopathy

Helping Teenagers with their Exam Stress using homeopathy
Helping with Exam Stress using Homeopathy

Over the last few weeks a few parents have made appointments for me to see their teenagers as they were not sleeping well and were feeling extremely anxious about their forthcoming exams.   As well as feeling anxious some were also showing signs of anger and frustration.

At a critical time when teenagers are under the most pressure of their young lives it can be big worry to both parents and teenagers.

So how do I treat a case like this? I adopt the same approach as I do with all my cases and take a case history. I talk to the teenager and find out what it is that they are worried about and again this shows how different we all are, some examples of the responses are:-

  • I am worried I won’t remember everything I’ve learnt
  • I cannot fail and need to pass my exams
  • I can’t see the point of exams and it’s a waste for me but I have to do them and it makes me angry
  • I need to pass because my brothers did

I then ask what happens when they are trying to sleep. Again we are all different and it is important that I listen carefully to what they tell me. Here are some examples:-

  • I just can’t fall to sleep
  • I wake up in the very early hours and can’t go back to sleep
  • I wake up with all the information bursting in my head
  • I go to bed late and come the morning I just don’t want to get out of bed
  • I wake up anxious and with butterflies

The important thing to notice here is how individual we all are and one size does not fit all. Sometimes a parent will ask me what should they give to their child or teenager for a certain condition but depending on how their symptoms are manifesting there are various remedies to fit each person and their individual symptoms.

A worry of the parents was they didn’t want the homeopathic remedy to cause a reaction, which in some instances it can, so I treated each teenager very gently with a daily remedy which could be stopped at any time should any reactions occur.   One parent has already reported that their teenager is sleeping and coping better, I’ve not heard from the others but am hoping life is much calmer for them all and they will do well in their exams.

Whilst I can’t help anyone to pass their exams I can certainly help them to feel better and hopefully get a good night’s sleep.  If only everyone knew how effective this wonderful form of medicine was.

If you are worried about your child or teenager not just for exams stress, it could be for anxieties, eating disorders, tummy problems, please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat to see how I may be able to help.

Would you like to feel more energetic & positive?

Would you like to feel more energetic & positive?

I am continuing to help people to achieve this.

Mrs E  has been a participant in my CFS study and she sent me the following testimonial to say how much better she is feeling. Over the course of four months I have prescribed her with different remedies to match her symptoms as they gradually unfolded. Read what she has to say below.

“I have suffered with anxiety since I was a child and at its worst I struggled to leave the house, so it has had a big impact on my life. Since having treatment with Tracey, I have been astonished by the positive changes which have taken place – my lethargy has almost disappeared; I no longer dwell on worries which means my anxiety is significantly reduced; I am able to stay more relaxed in ‘stressful’ situations and even my friends have noticed this too; I wake up in the morning with positivity and I look forward to the day ahead. I am so pleased I went to see Tracey as I can finally start to really enjoy life!”

I am continuing to work with Mrs E especially as through the consultations she has gained a deeper understanding of how homeopathy works and how we gradually peel back the many layers of  life, medication etc. By treating the layers as they come up it is my aim to restore Mrs E to long and lasting good health on both a physical and emotional level.

If you would like to have a free no obligation chat with me to see how I may be able to help you with a particular problem, on either a physical or emotion level, then please contact me.

“I feel like I have a part of my life back!”

I now have more energy.


Six months ago I invited people with ME/CFS to take part in a six month study of homeopathic treatment. It was my aim to help relieve some of the symptoms that the participants were experiencing to enable them to have more energy and below is a testimonial that I received today from one of the participants.

I started treatment with Tracey 6 months ago for my ME/CFS, I went from finding getting out of bed a struggle, constant fatigue, joint pain mostly in my hands and feet, brain fog/confusion amongst other symptoms. Now 6 months on I’m so much better hardly notice the joint pain at all and managing to do so much more without exhaustion or even general tiredness. I feel like I have a part of my life back! I’m extremely grateful to Tracey for all her help and will be continuing treatment with her. I have a few medical issues that were also taken into consideration and even treated during this 6 month period I felt Tracey went above and beyond what she needed to, to help me. Thank you”

If you would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help you to feel better on many levels please contact me for a free 15 minute no obligation chat.

Let’s Talk about our Feelings & Mental Health

Let’s talk about our feelings

I am so pleased that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry have launched a new campaign “Heads Together” to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and have been raising awareness of the issues that people face.   I think it always helps causes like this when role models get involved.

They are pulling together in a bid to encourage people, especially young teens to open up and talk about their feelings. It is far better to talk about things than bottle them up but when this isn’t encouraged this is exactly what happens.

Prince Harry revealed that after the death of his mother he couldn’t bear to think about her because he would become upset and it wouldn’t bring her back so he buried his head in the sand and hid his feelings. In time, this manifested as anger and he said boxing helped him. Fortunately he was encouraged to seek counseling and in an interview with a journalist he said it really helped him and made a difference.

As a homeopath I see many people with anxiety, depression, PTSD and buried grief and this is why I am so happy to read about the launch of this new campaign. I believe it is essential to talk and be open about our feelings and that is sometimes easier to do with a stranger someone who is neutral.

For some the feelings that we may experience might be the first time we have ever felt such powerful feelings and it can sometimes be too much to deal with. By talking to someone we can be reassured that the feelings we are experiencing or going through are perfectly natural, especially where the grieving process is concerned. We should also recognise that it really is important to go through the various stages of grief so we are able to come out the other side.

Apart from grief, there are many other triggers for mental health issues such as PTSD and again it is essential that there is help available and someone to talk to.   Again, I see people with this condition who have suffered in silence because they were afraid to speak out about what has happened to them in their past. Lady GaGa gave an example of this when she revealed earlier this week that she was raped at the age of 19.   Feelings are buried and again by not feeling able to talk about things freely it can in some cases take over people’s lives and have a detrimental effect.

As a homeopath I am only too familiar with the many health issues that both adults and young people have to deal with today and what happens if we suppress and hide behind our feelings.   Something gives and that can manifest itself through eating disorders, self harm, depression, anxieties or panic attacks etc.

People who have seen me for emotional issues such as this usually say that after just one consultation they felt so much better and then combine that with the homeopathic remedy that I carefully select it really allows people to move forward in a gentle and healthy way.

If you would like to see how I am able to help using homeopathy which is a safe, gentle and non toxic form of medicine please contact me for a free 15 minute no obligation chat to see if we could work together.   Both the remedy and consultation are an extremely powerful combination. Please read my testimonials to see what some people have said about my treatments.

Our Future Generation & Mental Health Issues

Our Future Generation & Mental Health Issues

Last week following a survey carried out by NASUWT it was reported that children, some even as young as 4 were having panic attacks, or were experiencing anxieties, depression, eating disorders and some were even self harming.

Apart from finding this shocking I find it so incredibly sad that children are experiencing mental health issues, especially as these children are our future generation and we should be doing something to help them.

So why is this happening? It is thought that the pressures of family problems such as ill health, family break-ups and even exams and testing are contributing to these statistics. Not to mention the pressures of social media which can also have an impact on mental health.

Some children also have an inability to concentrate in class and they fall behind with their work. Others are shy and withdrawn and others are violent and have regular and angry outbursts in the classroom. I also know of one child that never slept because he was always on his i-pad and the school had to request that the parents banned him from access to it during the night-time.

If you are worried that your child might be experiencing any of the above and would like to have a free 15 minute confidential chat to see how homeopathy might be able to help please feel free to contact me. Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and non-toxic form of medicine and children usually respond beautifully.

“I decided enough was enough” – a testimonial

Taking back control

During our life we will experience many milestone events, some happy and some not so happy.  We never know how we will cope with these events until they arise, for example someone might be the happiest person in the world until they receive some devastating news that will change their life.  Equally losing a job or a marriage break up can have a negative impact and for some it is the fear of the unknown that can put them in a downward spiral, whatever the reason we can’t always control our feelings.

I see a lot of people for various conditions especially on the emotional side (anger, irritability, depression, sadness) and homeopathy really does help.  It is such a shame more people aren’t aware of it’s benefits and how it can help put balance back into our lives so we are able to once again find our equilibrium and move forward with a new set of circumstances.

I received this lovely testimonial from someone I have recently been treating for anger issues and anxiety.  I only needed to see her twice and she was also able to move forward and stop taking her anti-depressants. (I should note here that this has to be done carefully and under your GP’s supervision).

“I have been suffering with depression on and off for several years, and after a couple of major adverse events in my life I started having anxiety attacks.  My GP started me on strong anti-depressants, but all they did was to make me feel uncharacteristically short tempered (to put it mildly).  I decided enough was enough and took myself off to see Tracey.  
My initial consultation was hugely helpful, almost a counselling session.  How many of us get a chance to talk things through with someone unrelated to ourselves?  Tracey helped me through our session in a calm and caring manner, and was able to provide me with the appropriate remedy from her box of tricks.  
Since taking the remedy prescribed I have been able to stop taking the anti-depressants, I have no feelings of anger, and have had the confidence to make some major changes in my lifestyle – none of which I would have been able to do without Tracey’s input.  I will have no hesitation in highly recommending Tracey to anyone with similar problems”.  
If any of the above has resonated with you and you think you might benefit from homeopathic treatment which is a safe, non toxic form of medicine and you would like to have a free no obligation 15 minute chat with me to discuss how I may be able to help you please feel free to contact me.


I wanted an alternative to anti-depressants

I am seeing more and more people in my practice who no longer want to take anti-depressants or they maybe going through a difficult time and would like an alternative approach to support them.

I work with my patients to find what works and suits them best. I select a remedy that matches their symptoms and this could be something they take on a monthly basis until they feel better or it could be taken daily. No one person is the same and it also depends what the root cause of their problem is. In some cases it could be PTSD and in others it could be a marriage breakup – everyone’s story is different. That is why I believe more people are choosing homeopathy to treat their depression because it is unique to them. They also feel they are being heard during the consultation.

Below is a testimonial I received from someone who didn’t want to take anti-depressants.

“I have been going to Tracey since December 2016 and her treatment has helped me no end. Having been on anti-depressants on and off for over 10 years with the help of the remedies I am able to stay off them.   Over the last few months Tracey has become a friend and confidante and always gives reassurance and advice as well as prescribing the right remedy.   I always know when my appointment is due as I am ready for the next stage in my journey.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and her practice.”

If you are taking anti-depressants I would not recommend that you come off them without support and discussing this with your GP first.   It has to be a gradual process particularly if you have been taking them for a long time.   For more testimonials please see my Testimonial page.

If you would like to find out more to see how I may be able to help you or you would like a no obligation chat please feel free to contact me.