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Can homeopathy help with my Asthma?

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I was asked this question twice last week from two different people and I thought I would share the following case with you.

SW came to see me because he was experiencing severe asthma attacks and it was affecting his hobby of playing squash which he had done since he was a child.  He had played at county level.  His symptoms had started two years earlier when he woke up and was fighting for his breath. He was prescribed various medications from his GP but he now found that they were not really helping him.

He would wake in the mornings with a slight wheeze but it was now affecting his sport. Shortly into the game he just couldn’t breathe, his chest would tighten and he would have to stop playing. This in turn was making him angry and frustrated because he didn’t want to stop playing squash.

I took a detailed history and spent time analysing the case before prescribing a remedy that suited him and the totally of his symptoms.

5 weeks later when he came to see me he reported that he was no longer wheezing in the morning and had played squash for the first time for a full hour. I decided not to prescribe him with a further remedy as it was still acting but he should see me again in 6 weeks time or sooner if required.

I didn’t see him again.  He sent me the following message:-

“Hi Tracey,

I am playing loads of squash and seem to be just about completely over my asthma! I don’t wake up wheezing in the morning. And have played quite a few matches of squash. I still have a little tightness – if I play really hard, but it doesn’t stop me playing!

Thanks for all your time, effort and help”.
SW, Surrey

In this case the remedy worked extremely well and demonstrates how a carefully selected remedy can help to kick start our bodies back into good health. If you have asthma or you know someone who does, please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation chat to see how I may be able to help you with homeopathy.

Hay Fever – when is the best time to treat it?

Hay Fever

Are you a hay fever sufferer? Believe it or not the best time to treat hay fever is when the hay fever season has passed. I started to treat the following patient during October so when the next hay fever season started he experienced far less symptoms. Below is an extract from my testimonial page.

I have suffered from hay fever since I was about 6 years old and have taken every drug known to man to get on top of it, with differing success.  A good friend of mine (Tracey Campbell) decided to train as a Homeopath and she needed some volunteers to carry out trials during her training programme.   I duly volunteered as a friend, with scepticism written all over me!   The programme lasted for approximately 6 months with tiny white tablets, and honestly it made no difference at all at the time.   However the following year I noticed that I only used 1 packet of Benadryl, I used to take them 6 months a year, so approximately 10 packets a year. I didn’t even think about the long-term effects of Homeopathŷ, however having spoken to Tracey about how it works, it would seem to be the reason why I am nearly cured.  I am not completely cured but I now only get Hayfever when hay making, and when exposed to high levels of pollen or Spoors.”

As a homeopath I treat the person as a whole and as an individual, prescribing a remedy that matches you as a person, the idea being that when the next hay fever seasons starts your body should be able to cope much better with the symptoms it usually experiences.  It might seem strange to be thinking about hay fever in the winter months but that is the optimum time to treat it.

If you would like to discuss your symptoms with me and when would be the best time to treat them please feel free to contact me.