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Bouncing Back to Good Health

Bouncing back to good health
Bouncing back to good health

I have been treating a young boy since the beginning of October with various allergies, asthma, coughs, tummy problems and a history of taking prescribed steroids and anti-biotic which can cause more problems.

His Mum brought him to me because every winter he would get very ill and he would become quite anxious as winter approached. I’ve supported him through the winter with homeopathy. We still have some more work to do but interestingly because homeopathy treats the whole person it helps on so many other levels as you can see from some feedback that the boy’s mother sent me last week:-

“Hi Tracey, I just wanted to let you know how XXXX is doing, he has really calmed down, much less grumpy! He’s back to the kind, helpful loveable boy he always was! When he plays on the computer, he comes off with no problem now, he used to argue and be really rude. Now it’s “Ok Mummy” and he comes off!! He still has a little cough and has used his inhaler the last couple of days. But it doesn’t bother him and he gets over these attacks quickly. But overall his behaviour has really improved so I’ve seen really big changes. I’m really grateful so thank you so much.”

I have seen him 4 times since the beginning of October and now hopefully he will just be on a maintenance programme to continue to help his immune system become stronger. I am also hoping that he will not experience as many hay fever symptoms as Spring approaches.

Many people don’t realise that because homeopathy is holistic it can help on so many other levels, it works on both the physical and emotional side as the feedback above shows.

During treatment, as each person’s level of health improves other changes can also be noted as it helps the person return to good health.

I also don’t how a person will respond to a remedy and how the body will use it, so I ask my patients to note any changes on a diary sheet that I provide.   This allows me to assess the remedy at future appointments, I can then either change the remedy, repeat or increase the potency depending on what they report back to me.

Our body is very clever and it communicates with us all the time – we just have to be observant and listen to it.

If you would like to find out how I can help you please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.






Why does my child keep getting earache?

Homeopathy & Ear Infections

I am asked on a regular basis about whether there are any homeopathic remedies that can be used for earache and infections (Otis Media).   So I thought it might be helpful to put together a chart of the most common remedies that you can try for acute earache and ear infections.

If however your child keeps getting repeated earache and has a history of taking anti-biotics we need to look at why this is. If you are worried please contact me for a free no obligation chat to discuss how we can get to the root cause and hopefully avoid taking anti-biotics in the future which are proving to be less effective.

Aconite The keynote with this remedy is sudden onset, particularly after being out in the cold. The child will also be very fearful and will be very thirsty for cold drinks.
Belladonna Again the symptoms will come on very quickly. High temperature, red and throbbing and intensely painful.
Chamomilla The pain will be excrutiating and the child maybe very bad tempered and very irritable. Will also pull on the ear.
Ferrum Phos The pain will come on gradually and can also be linked to sore throats.   A good remedy to use in the early stages.
Hepar Sulph Sharp pain with discharge. Throbbing and decreased hearing.
Mercurius Pains may extend to throat and mouth. Swollen Glands and offensive breath. The child can be sweaty and thirsty. Itchy ears, boils. Yellow nasal discharge which can also bleed.
Pulsatilla Pains will be changeable. Child will be clingy and weepy and will want to be held or comforted. Can come on after getting cold. They will feel worse in warm stuffy rooms.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help your child with recurrent earache and ear infections please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation chat.

Back to School Anxieties & Homeopathy

Back to School Anxieties & Homeopathy
Back to School Anxieties & Homeopathy

Back to School Anxieties
Can you remember the first day back at school after the summer holidays and the anxiety?

Even now many years later I can recall that feeling of butterflies and anticipation in my tummy.  There was no reason to feel like that but  after six weeks my new found freedom and free range routine was about to go back to having to wear a uniform, getting up and going to bed early – something I did not relish.   The nearer that date in September approached the faster the days would go by and anxieties would emerge.

So once again, September is almost upon us and the summer holidays are nearly over.  Up and down the country parents will be preparing and getting their children ready for school.

This can be a traumatic time for some children especially if they are starting school for the very first time, changing schools or just returning and going into the next class.

Some children look forward to going back and seeing their friends again, others aren’t so keen and for others it might be the first time. Small children might be wondering how they will make friends, what their teachers will be like, will they like them, they might even worry they will get lost in a large building. All these thoughts and feelings are natural and there are some coping strategies that you can use to help them:-

  • Start to get them into a routine by going to bed earlier
  • If homework is outstanding help and encourage them to do it
  • Ask them what’s worrying them and talk them through it
  • Talk about the positive things, e.g how they will make new friends or that they will see friends again

Some children may develop a deeper anxiety and signs to look out for are:-

If you are worried about your child then homeopathy can help. It is a safe and gentle non toxic form of medicine and I have helped many children with anxieties of this nature. Children are very responsive and usually respond to homeopathy very quickly.   I can do consultations via Skype or Messenger and post remedies out to you. There is no need for your child to sit through the consultation so it is less traumatic for them, although invariably they can’t resist having a peek and saying hello which is helpful to me.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute chat.

Eczema Naturally and helping children

Helping children with Eczema naturally

I recently saw a young boy with mild eczema. His Mum wanted something more natural and more importantly to achieve a lasting result.   Below is the review from his Mum:-

“I took my son to see Tracey to help with his eczema. I didn’t want to keep using steroid creams to deal with flair ups. Tracey gave him a remedy along with a steroid detox and 3 months later the improvement is fantastic.

No longer any need for daily emollients, any small dry patches are controlled using a natural chickweed cream. My son’s eczema was quite mild so he dealt with the changes to his skin very well. I would highly recommended anyone with skin conditions to try homeopathy it really works ! Thank you Tracey”

The homeopathic approach to helping eczema symptoms (or in fact any condition) is very different to the conventional approach. During the first consultation I ask lots of questions and try to establish the root cause to find a lasting result without suppressing any symptoms. We encourage the symptoms to leave the body rather than go deeper into the body.

Usually we find that a child that has had eczema and has a history of using cortico-steroid creams will usually go on to develop asthma.  This is because the initial underlying cause of the eczema was not addressed, and whilst the initial symptoms went away, they were in fact suppressed and pushed further into the body.

The philosophy behind homeopathic medicine is that we address the underlying cause and aim to push the symptoms away from the body and away from the more vital organs (inside to outside).  As you see with eczema, if the symptoms are suppressed they go further into the body and the lungs become involved. The skin and the lungs are closely linked.

Mothers of young children who use inhalers usually tell me that their child’s colds go to their chests and they have been prescribed anti-biotics in the past. This of course helps to clear the chesty cough and cold, however, prolonged and regular use of antibiotics can then lead to upset tummies and disturbances in the gut.  In time, this can lead to other problems such as anxieties, ADH etc, and on it goes.

If you are looking for a more natural approach to eczema, asthma or any childhood ailments and you would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help with any of the above symptoms please contact me or book a free no obligation 15 minute call.

Do your moods change when there’s a full moon?

Do your moods change when there’s a full moon?

I have a few patients that become restless and irritable and are unable to sleep during the full moon but as soon as it passes they feel calm again.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can help with these symptoms but one such remedy is Luna.  Below I recall a case using this remedy.

During my final year of study, I was in a children’s clinic.   The parents had brought Amy, their 18 month baby girl for her second follow up appointment.

Despite prescribing a well indicated remedy they reported no improvement in her sleep patterns. She was still extremely restless, irritable and would not sleep at all during the night. She didn’t keep her parents awake but they slept lightly while they listened to her gurgling and chattering away to herself throughout the night.  Sometimes she would scream out.

During the day she was miserable and clingy due to lack of sleep.  Her parents were exhausted and at the end of their tether, she had been like his since she was just a few months old.

We asked more questions, trying to see if there was anything we might have missed during the first consultation. The parents told us that one night they had gone into Amy’s room as they heard her cot rattle and they were worried she would try to climb out. They told us that she was just holding on to the side of the cot and was looking up to the moon.   She was mesmerized.

We prescribed Luna and asked the parents to return a month later and to keep a diary noting any changes.When they returned a month later they looked like a different family. They looked healthy, happy and refreshed.   They told us that within two weeks of taking the remedy Amy’s sleep improved.  She now slept every night, sleeping from the time she was put down in the evening until dawn. She was much happier during the day. They even checked her when there was a full moon and she continued to sleep peacefully.

If you would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help you especially if you are sensitive to the cycles of the moon please feel free to contact me.
Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

Ear infections, sore throats, tummy upsets etc

Ear infections, sore throats, tummy upsets etc
Homeopathy for children

Has your child been prescribed repeated doses of antibiotics or medication for recurring illnesses but they still get repeated ear infections, tonsillitis, stomach upsets?  Maybe they are anxious or have anger issues.  If this is the case you may have considered homeopathy which is a safe, gentle, non-toxic form of medicine.

Children respond beautifully to homeopathy and the effects are usually long-lasting with no need for repeated antibiotics.  If you have been considering homeopathy for your child, you might be pleased to know that I will be offering a low cost children’s clinic during the summer holidays and am offering the following discounts (for children under the age of 12):-

Initial consultation                         £35 – SAVING £15

Follow up consultation                 £25 – SAVING £10

If you would like to find out more please contact me for a free friendly no obligation chat.  I see people in the UK and overseas either in person or via Skype (with Skype I post remedies on or send you a prescription that you obtain from a local pharmacy).

Helping Children through Puberty

Helping Children through Puberty
Going through puberty and how homeopathy can help

Lots of physical changes happen to a child’s body when it begins to mature to an adult body and this can be a tough time both physically and emotionally for boys and girls.

Some of the things that children might experience through puberty are:-

  • Acne & Spots
  • Hormone Surges
  • Mood swings that are out of character, some even showing anger & rage
  • Stomach Aches
  • Tears
  • Tantrums

Lots of changes are happening during puberty as hormones course through the child’s body. This will be totally new to them and some may find that they are unable to control how they are feeling.  So a young girl who was once very meek and yielding can suddenly turn into a screeching banshee with lots of tantrums and tears. This will come as much as a surprise to her as to her parents.  She might also start to feel something is wrong with her.

All these changes aren’t just experienced by girls, boys will also be going through something very similar.  They will begin to feel more self-conscious, especially as they may find they are under peer pressure to try new things that they may not be ready for.  As with girls, the hormones will be coursing through their bodies and they will start to have sexual feelings.

All in all it can be a worrying time for both children going through this and also for their parents.  What we have to remember is it is a natural transition from childhood to adulthood.  If however, it is causing problems such as anxieties, depression, sleep problems or eating disorders then it is probably better to seek help.   Homeopathy is a very gentle system of medicine that will help them young children with this transition into adulthood and I find that children and young adults respond to homeopathy beautifully.

If you would like to find out more about how homeopathy may be able to support your child with puberty please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.

Night Terrors in Children

Night Terrors in Children
Night Terrors in Children

Thankfully when a child has a night terror they are unable to recall it happened when they wake up shortly after or  the next morning.  It can however be distressing for a parent to watch their child go through them.  They are most common in children between the ages of 3 and 5 but for some they can still continue until 12. Children should generally grow out of them but it is something we don’t want to see our children go through.

A typical night terror can occur within 1.5 hours of the child going to sleep.  The child will wake with a loud scream and can appear panic stricken with their arms and legs thrashing around. Their heartbeat can be increased and their breathing is rapid, they can feel hot to touch and may well be sweating. If they open their eyes they might have a glassy stare and they may not recognise you and can appear unresponsive. The night terror can last anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour.

Night terrors are usually frequent, reoccurring and occur in approximately 1 to 6% of children.   Anything can cause children to have night terrors and some of the reasons that might set them off could be something that may have upset them during the day, a stressful or traumatic experience, medication they may be taking or a bad fever that the child might have.

A night terror will pass and the child will be none the wiser but sometimes they wake up and can be afraid and then they will seek out a parent or guardian. They may develop fears of going to sleep and become clingy.

Did you know that homeopathy can help children experiencing night terrors and problems sleeping.  I recently treated a little girl who was going through just this.  They started when her parents had to go away for a couple of days.  Prior to this she had always been fine.  A homeopathic remedy soon helped her and she is now doing fine.

If you are concerned about your child’s sleeping patterns or night terrors please feel free to give me a call.  I offer a free no obligation 15 minute chat.

Helping Teenagers with their Exam Stress using homeopathy

Helping Teenagers with their Exam Stress using homeopathy
Helping with Exam Stress using Homeopathy

Over the last few weeks a few parents have made appointments for me to see their teenagers as they were not sleeping well and were feeling extremely anxious about their forthcoming exams.   As well as feeling anxious some were also showing signs of anger and frustration.

At a critical time when teenagers are under the most pressure of their young lives it can be big worry to both parents and teenagers.

So how do I treat a case like this? I adopt the same approach as I do with all my cases and take a case history. I talk to the teenager and find out what it is that they are worried about and again this shows how different we all are, some examples of the responses are:-

  • I am worried I won’t remember everything I’ve learnt
  • I cannot fail and need to pass my exams
  • I can’t see the point of exams and it’s a waste for me but I have to do them and it makes me angry
  • I need to pass because my brothers did

I then ask what happens when they are trying to sleep. Again we are all different and it is important that I listen carefully to what they tell me. Here are some examples:-

  • I just can’t fall to sleep
  • I wake up in the very early hours and can’t go back to sleep
  • I wake up with all the information bursting in my head
  • I go to bed late and come the morning I just don’t want to get out of bed
  • I wake up anxious and with butterflies

The important thing to notice here is how individual we all are and one size does not fit all. Sometimes a parent will ask me what should they give to their child or teenager for a certain condition but depending on how their symptoms are manifesting there are various remedies to fit each person and their individual symptoms.

A worry of the parents was they didn’t want the homeopathic remedy to cause a reaction, which in some instances it can, so I treated each teenager very gently with a daily remedy which could be stopped at any time should any reactions occur.   One parent has already reported that their teenager is sleeping and coping better, I’ve not heard from the others but am hoping life is much calmer for them all and they will do well in their exams.

Whilst I can’t help anyone to pass their exams I can certainly help them to feel better and hopefully get a good night’s sleep.  If only everyone knew how effective this wonderful form of medicine was.

If you are worried about your child or teenager not just for exams stress, it could be for anxieties, eating disorders, tummy problems, please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat to see how I may be able to help.

Would you like Good Health for all the Family?

Would you like Good Health for all the Family?
Good Health for all the Family with Homeopathy

When my patients see results from homeopathy and their health improves they also get a deeper understanding of how homeopathy works.   In many cases people usually want to continue to work with me once their original symptoms disappear. This is because they notice changes on all levels of their health and they want to get right back to their optimum level of health.

Thoughts then turn towards their family’s health and how they would benefit from homeopathy and they usually ask whether I can help them with a certain ailment or condition such as sleep issues, recurring coughs, ear infections and colds, tummy upsets, general aches and pains. Because homeopathy treats the person and not the symptoms I am usually able to help.

A recent example is of a family who had absolutely no knowledge of homeopathy and were extremely skeptical but brought their daughter to see me for sleep issues. They saw the results and their eyes were opened so when their son had a cough they thought of me and homeopathy. They are now considering homeopathy for the father’s asthma.

So next time a member of your family has an illness, especially a recurring one why don’t you consider homeopathy you might just be very surprised.

If you would like to find out more then please feel free to call me for a no obligation chat to see how I may be able to help you or your family.