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What to Expect from Homeopathic Treatment

What to expect from Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
I thought it might be helpful to share what happens when you first decide to see me and the process involved to help you get back to your optimum health with homeopathic treatment.

I understand that when you decide to come to see me it is a big step, especially if you have had conventional medicine for your symptoms. This is where homeopathy is so different because it helps on so many levels. We treat the whole person and not just the presenting symptoms.

You may be coming to see me because you’ve tried everything else and this is a last resort. Whatever your reason I will make you feel comfortable as we work together to getting you back on the road to better health with homeopathic treatment.

The First Consultation
You may see me in person or via Skype, either way, you should allow up to 1.5 hours for your first consultation. During this time we will discuss your symptoms, when they started and how they impact your life. I will ask you about any medication you are taking or have taken and we may do a homeopathic detox if I feel it necessary, particularly if the symptoms started after medication, an operation or vaccination. I will take a detailed medical history and also that of your family’s medical history.

After the first Consultation – What happens next?

– Taking the Remedy
– Monitoring the Remedy Re-action-
– Follow up appointments
– How long will Treatment Last
– Return to Optimum Health
– Maintenance Programme

Taking the Remedy
I may give you a remedy at the time of your appointment or in complex cases I may need to spend more time on your case before deciding on your remedy which I will post out to you.  If you are an overseas patient I will send you a prescription to order locally as this avoids any potential problems with customs. I have a list of overseas suppliers I use and am registered with.

Monitoring the Remedy Action & What to Expect Next
I will ask you to monitor any changes until your next consultation on both a physical and emotional level. This is really important to do, because as your case unfolds over the coming months it will help me to decide on your next remedy prescription and the next course of action.

Follow up appointments
I recommend that these are spaced approximately 5 weeks apart. The remedy acts in a subtle and gentle way and 5 weeks is usually a good length of time for the remedy to act. It is important to have regular follow up appointments to monitor progress and to assess the remedy’s reaction and how your body has responded to the remedy. Everybody is very different.  Some may only need to see me a few times others longer.

Homeopathy isn’t a quick fix but as we peel back the layers to good health you should find that you begin to feel healthier, stronger and have more energy. You may find that you cope with life and stressful situations with more ease and everyday colds, infections won’t last as long.

How long will treatment last?
This depends on your individual health problem and how your body responds but I recommend at least 3 follow up appointments especially if you have had your symptoms for a long time.   For more complex cases I suggest 6 follow up appointments but we will review progress every step of the way.

Returning you to Optimum Health
As your case unfolds and we peel back the layers to good health, you might experience a return of old symptoms. This is a good sign and cause for celebration because we are getting to the central disturbance and the symptoms that have accumulated over the years are now leaving your body.

We encourage the symptoms to leave your body, from the inside to the outside, away from internal organs, from top to bottom. This is the philosophy behind homeopathy and is the perfect law of cure.

Maintenance Programme
When you are happy with the level of health you have achieved you may still wish to continue to use homeopathy and if that is the case we can move you to a maintenance programme which can be every 3-6 months, whatever works best for you. Please note that if I haven’t seen you for over six months then it may be necessary to book a first consultation again.

I hope this has helped you to understand how the process works but should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to helping you.

Holiday Season – Travel & Motion Sickness

Holiday Season – Travel & Motion Sickness


Homeopathy for travel & motion sickness

Travel & Motion Sickness
As a child my parents took my brother and I to Italy for our summer holidays. We didn’t always fly and sometimes we would drive. I always preferred flying because I experienced terrible motion sickness both on the ferry crossing and on the drive around the winding roads of the French & Italian Alps.

So what is motion sickness? The symptoms generally consist of dizziness, fatigue and nausea and can also cause vomiting. It is a disturbance of the inner ear resulting from repeated motion of driving through winding roads, the swell of the sea, even turbulence when traveling by plane. This all causes the sensory receptors to the brain to become over stimulated leading to the feeling of motion sickness.  I wish my parents had known about homeopathy back then.

There are quite a few homeopathic remedies that can be taken but the ones that I find work the best are:-

Borax – This remedy is a great remedy when you feel worse for downward motion e.g. when a plane is landing or when a boat is in a swell with an upwards and downwards motion.

Cocculus – A great remedy for motion sickness with dizziness. There is a feeling of dizziness with waves of nausea and all you want to do is lie down. The thought of any food will make you feel ill. It is worse for fresh air. There may also be some anxiety.

Petroleum – Surprisingly this remedy is worse for fresh air, like Cocculus, but there is less dizziness. There is an empty hungry feeling in the stomach with a dull, heavy headache.

Tabacum – There is extreme nausea with violent vomiting and cold perspiration, the face will be very pale and you will feel better for fresh air.

The beauty of homeopathic remedies are they are free from any side effects such as drowsiness and constipation.  If you would like to find out more about homeopathy and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life for common ailments please feel free to contact me.

Lyme Disease & Homeopathy

Lyme Disease & Homeopathy
Bitten by a tick?

I was asked about Lyme disease and whether homeopathy can help and yes it can but prevention is always better than cure.

If however you have been bitten by a tick I recommend taking Ledum 200c as soon as you notice you have been bitten. It is one of the first aid remedies that everyone should have in their first aid kit.  It is also thought to have a prophylactic value in relation to tetanus, so a worthwhile remedy to keep and it is great for puncture wounds too.

Sadly, not everyone notices that they have been bitten until it is too late or until the bulls-eye rash associated with Lyme appears which can be anytime between 3-30 days after being bitten.

I would still recommend taking Ledum as soon as possible especially as bacteria from a tick bite doesn’t always show up in blood tests until a few months later.

Many people with chronic fatigue or unexplained symptoms have Lyme Disease. Some of the symptoms are-

  • Feeling chilly or have a fever
  • Headaches and/ or dizziness
  • Depression
  • Swollen joints and / or swollen lymph nodes
  • Muscles Pains & Shooting pains
  • Tingling
  • Stiff neck

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease or have chronic symptoms as described above please feel free to contact me to see how I might be able to help you using homeopathy.






Why do people try homeopathy?

Why do people try homeopathy?
Feeling better with homeopathy

“You were my last resort” – These are words I often here from people that come to see me.  They have usually exhausted all conventional avenues and are at the end of their tether so they start to explore other alternatives.  Sadly, many people haven’t even heard of homeopathy. This is such a shame because it really can help especially with chronic illnesses or recurring problems.

Another reason people decide to come to see me are because they don’t want to take unnecessary medication or they might know they aren’t feeling well but their GPs have been unable to find anything wrong with them, as is usually the case with ME, CFS, Glandular Fever or chronic tummy upsets (which seems to be an increasing problem in young children).

GPs may even carry out tests and still can’t find anything wrong which can prove frustrating for the person who isn’t feeling well. For example, a young teenager recently came to see me with his Mum. He was experiencing constant tummy pains made worse when exercising. He had undergone tests and scans but the GP said there was nothing wrong with him. The fact remained however that the young teenager still experienced excruciating pain so clearly something wasn’t quite right. Imagine feeling this way but being told there is nothing wrong with you.

You may have heard me mention that the gut is considered to be our second brain so if we are perhaps worried or anxious about something symptoms can manifest in our stomachs.

The beauty of homeopathy is because it is holistic and it treats the whole person it takes all symptoms into consideration, both on a physical and emotional level. With the case of this young teenager, I spent 1.5 hours talking to him, finding out about him, what makes him tick, his likes, his dislikes. This enabled me to take into account all of his symptoms and prescribe a constitutional remedy that I felt was suited to him.   I am pleased to say that after three months of treatment he is no longer experiencing the constant tummy pain. Sadly, he reduced his exercise but I am hopeful he will return to exercise and his tummy pains will stay away.

If you haven’t been feeling quite right or you would like to know whether homeopathy might be able to help you I offer a free no obligation 15 minute chat so please feel free to contact me. You might be surprised at how homeopathy can help you.

10 Things that Homeopathy can help you with

10 Conditions homeopathy can help you with

I specialise in treating people with anxieties and depression, something that I feel is more prevalent, especially in young children and adults, than when I first graduated almost 12 years ago.   When someone comes to see me my ultimate aim is to help them to achieve their optimum health on ALL LEVELS both emotionally and physically.

When I explain how homeopathy works my patients are usually surprised to learn that it can also help them with other conditions at the same time. I thought it might be helpful to list some of the conditions that homeopathy can help you with:-

  1. Anxiety / Depression / PTSD
  2. ADHD / Autism
  3. Childbirth & Pregnancy
  4. Chronic Fatigue
  5. Hay Fever / Allergies
  6. Headaches / Migraines
  7. Hormonal problems
  8. IBS / Crohns
  9. Menopause
  10. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

If you have been experiencing any of the above or something may be troubling you please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation friendly chat or alternatively book a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation.

Feel well again and achieve your optimum health with homeopathy.  

A day in the life of a homeopath

A day in the life of a homeopath
A few of my many books

I thought it might be interesting to give people an insight into what a day is like as a homeopath.

As a general rule I don’t see more than four people a day. This means I can give each person the time, care and attention that they deserve and are paying for. I like them to feel comfortable when they visit me or talk to me via Skype and try to put them at ease.   I always like to go the extra mile, so if one of my patients has surgery of some kind coming up I will give them remedies to aid a speedy recovery, or if their children may be teething I will give them a first aid remedy to help with this. This is included in the price.  It is an added service that I like to provide.

Depending on what time my first patient is, and before my day starts I will try to go horse riding. It is very important that I am fit and well when people come to see me and for me, fresh air is the key. Patients of mine might relate to this as this is one of the questions I ask during a consultation. Do they feel better for fresh air or prefer to be inside.  This is one of the many questions I ask that helps me to select a remedy.

Female/Chronic Fatigue – Skype call follow up appointment with a patient involved in the six month Chronic Fatigue Study. We go through the last month together and what has or hasn’t improved. This particular patient is a true inspiration to me, she has such determination and continues whatever the odds. Luckily the remedy (Ph-Ac) has really helped her and she has continued to improve month on month. It is so rewarding to know that I am helping people with homeopathy and makes my job worthwhile. We have two more months left of the study.

Female/Post Traumatic Stress – A follow up with a patient who came to see me for the first time last month for post traumatic stress following an accident. Again, we discussed how she felt after taking the remedy and any changes/improvements that have been felt since.   I was so happy to know that she said she felt much better on many levels and said she “was now back”. She told me that she now smiles every day when she first wakes up. She said the stress has left her body and she is much happier. I too am very happy with this news. This patient was given Lycopodium which isn’t a typical stress or female remedy but on taking the case I found that it matched the patient’s symptoms.

Call re CFS – 15 minute Skype call with a lady based in New York to discuss her Chronic fatigue symptoms and to see if homeopathy might be for her.

Male/Asthma – A returning patient who saw me over 11 years ago. He came to me for hay fever and had no belief in homeopathy whatsoever.  Imagine, coming back to see me 11 years after his treatment and reporting that he is still reaping the benefits.  He now wanted me to help with his asthma that had recently got worse.   On taking his case, I didn’t prescribe a remedy straight because I wanted to spend some time on reading through my notes and differentiating between three remedies that I had in my mind. After further work I decided on a remedy and as his office isn’t far from my practice I hand delivered the remedy to him.

Returning Calls
In between appointments I return calls and e-mails that people have left for me and have free 15 minute consultations.

As well as seeing patients I network and am available to give talks to help spread the word about homeopathy. For me, I live and breath homeopathy every day and I am always amazed at how many people aren’t aware of what it can do.

Reading Time
There are over 3,000 remedies at my disposal and I will never be familiar with all of them so a lot of time is spent reading about them. I continually update myself on certain conditions and try to spend at least one hour a day learning.

So that is a small glimpse of my day as a homeopath. If there is a condition you might have and are wondering whether homeopathy can help please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.

5 Top Uses for Arnica

The top 5 uses of Arnica

Arnica is one of the most popular and useful homeopathic remedies and the one that people are familiar with and will have used. This is the one homeopathic remedy that people are likely to have at home.

The top 5 uses are:-

  1. Bruising –the majority of people will be familiar with this and most families with young children should have Arnica at home. It is also good for aches and pains.
  2. Shock – Arnica is the first remedy to think of when someone is in shock.   For example if you receive bad news or are involved in an accident Arnica will really help in situations like this before prescribing something else.
  3. Jet Lag – not many people know that Arnica will help you to recover quickly from long haul flights.
  4. Childbirth – Arnica will assist with labour if taken when the first contractions begin. If you are expecting and would be interested in finding out more about how homeopathic remedies can help in childbirth please contact me.
  5. Dental work – Arnica taken after dental work will help the healing process. I’ve had wisdom teeth out and didn’t need to take pain killers after – I just used Arnica.

If you have ever experienced Arnica in action you will know how powerful homeopathic remedies are.  Homeopathy can treat a wide range of conditions and   if you would like to talk to me to see how I may be able to help you please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.

Alternatively if you would like to use and find out more about homeopathic first aid remedies and what they can be used for please download my free guide.



My Story & how homeopathy worked for me

All horse riders / sports people should never be without Arnica.

Today, for a change I thought I would share my story and how I came to discover homeopathy and how it transformed my health and life.

Like most people, I discovered homeopathy through Arnica. Arnica is a remedy I believe every household should never be without. Most people know it as a remedy for bruising but it is also the No1 Remedy for shock.   I was so impressed at how Arnica helped me to recover from a fall from my horse that I started to explore other homeopathic remedies.

In those days Boots used to stock quite a few homeopathic remedies together with a handy little booklet so every little ailment I had I would take myself off to Boots to look up the particular type of headache or cough that I had and the booklet would help me to select a remedy. I was so pleased that I had found something natural without having to take conventional medicine.

It’s funny because even as a child I was not keen on taking conventional medicine.   Every cold I caught would go to my chest and I would always have to have two weeks off school. Each time, my Mum would duly take me to the Dr’s who would prescribe anti-biotics until one day he decided I needed an inhaler. At which point I just said “I’m not having one of those”. My Mum was mortified and told me that if the Dr said I needed one then I would have to have it. Luckily the Dr asked me why I didn’t want one.

To this day I can recall saying it was because when I was really old and gasping for air it wouldn’t work for me because my body would be so used to it. I have absolutely no idea where that thought came from especially as I was only about 10 years old.   I got away without having one but he did prescribe me Ventolin tablets.   They didn’t work instantly as an inhaler did but I was happy that I had got away with not having to have one – little did I know that the tablets still had the same ingredients in.

I continued to suffer and I gradually grew out of the colds going to my chest.   Although many years later in my twenties I think I ended up having an inhaler because the Dr said I needed something that was instant and called it asthma.

In my thirties, I suffered a bout of depression and was absolutely determined I was not going to take anti-depressants so I sought help from a professional homeopath.  She really helped me after just a couple of visits.   She also encouraged me to train as a homeopath because I was so interested in it and how it worked.  I found a suitable course and I embarked on the four-year part time course and am pleased to say I have never looked back.

As part of the training to become a homeopath it is recommended that students undergo homeopathic treatment so I continued to see my homeopath for a few years. She treated me constitutionally which is how I treat my patients today.  Unfortunately for me, she went back to New Zealand.

As a result of receiving homeopathy I am healthier and am able to kick off infections and colds more easily. I used to get regular ear infections and haven’t had any for over 15 years. As for that inhaler, I very rarely use it and at the time of going to my homeopath I used it 3-4 times a day. I have also not had an anti-biotic for over 15 years.

Homeopathy really does help your body to get back into balance. It gives it a gentle kick-start and gives your body a helping hand where needed and with regular treatment there are many long-term benefits.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing my story and if you would like to see how I maybe able to help you using homeopathy please feel free to contact me.

Tinnitus Awareness Week – Homeopathy can help

Ringing & Buzzing in your ears?

Tinnitus is a common condition with all age groups even young children. 30% of the population will experience Tinnitus at some point in their lives and 10% will experience Tinnitus on a regular basis.

It affects people differently but they will hear different sounds in their ears such as a ringing, buzzing or tapping which can be faint, medium or very loud. The sounds can come and go but some people might experience them consistently.

Whilst Tinnitus isn’t recognised as a disease or illness anyone living with this condition will tell you otherwise.  It can be very stressful and uncomfortable.  It can also interfere with sleep which can amplify the situation. We all need a good nights sleep for our overall health and wellbeing.

Tinnitus is thought to be caused by a change, either on a physical or emotional level. It can follow an ear infection or disorder, e.g. Ménière’s disease, or following a period of stress and anxiety.   There is a very definite link with this condition and people experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.

If you experience Tinnitus or any of the conditions mentioned above and would like to find out how I can help you using homeopathy please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.

CFS / ME Study – 3 month results

I have more energy and confidence.

At the start of November 2016 I was looking for participants to take part in a six month study on CFS / ME.   We are now three months into the study and I am really happy to report that everyone is improving on both the emotional and physical levels of this debilitating illness.

Below are some quotes following the consultations in January, the half way mark.

“I was better over Christmas and seemed to find more energy and I was able to help more.  I’ve definitely been doing more and people are noticing”.   SY, London.  

“My joint pain has nearly gone and I feel so much more positive.  My ME is better and I am able to go out with the children.  I now listen to my body and the signals.  I have stopped my medication because it was causing other symptoms.  I am more confident in myself and have stopped worrying”.  CB, Kent

“I’m incredibly well.  No dizziness and improved sleep.  I still have pain but it’s manageable”.  FD, Yorkshire

“Things don’t bother me and I am more confident and able to deal with things.  I’m more energetic and haven’t felt at all achy”.  HE, Kent

At the start of the study, I asked all participants to complete a short survey.  They were asked what their top two symptoms were and also how their overall wellbeing was.  The scale was 0 to 6.  0 being as good as it could be with 6 being as bad as it could be.  At the start most were scoring 5 to 6, now the scores are ranging from 1-3.

All participants are now able to do more than they could three months ago and are feeling so much better, but rather importantly they are now listening to their bodies, especially as their body adjusts to new energies that the homeopathy is bringing to them.

Other symptoms that have improved are reduced PMT, less painful periods and improved sleep.

Most of the consultations have been carried out via Skype with me sending the required remedies out after the consultation. I get a lot of pleasure talking to everyone each month and helping with their journey back to health and watching their progress.  There are still many improvements to be made and I will continue to work with them over the next three months to help them reach their optimum health and improve their symptoms further.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact me for an informal chat about your symptoms and how I can help you using homeopathy.