Helping Children with Eczema Naturally

Helping children with Eczema naturally

I recently saw a young boy with mild eczema. His Mum wanted something more natural and more importantly to achieve a lasting result.   Below is the review from his Mum:-

“I took my son to see Tracey to help with his eczema. I didn’t want to keep using steroid creams to deal with flair ups. Tracey gave him a remedy along with a steroid detox and 3 months later the improvement is fantastic. No longer any need for daily emollients, any small dry patches are controlled using a natural chickweed cream. My son’s eczema was quite mild so he dealt with the changes to his skin very well. I would highly recommended anyone with skin conditions to try homeopathy it really works ! Thank you Tracey”

The homeopathic approach to helping eczema symptoms (or in fact any condition) is very different to the conventional approach. During the first consultation I ask lots of questions and try to establish the root cause to find a lasting result without suppressing any symptoms. We encourage the symptoms to leave the body rather than go deeper into the body.

Usually we find that a child that has had eczema and has a history of using cortico-steroid creams will usually go on to develop asthma.  This is because the initial underlying cause of the eczema was not addressed, and whilst the initial symptoms went away, they were in fact suppressed and pushed further into the body.

The philosophy behind homeopathic medicine is that we address the underlying cause and aim to push the symptoms away from the body and away from the more vital organs (inside to outside).  As you see with eczema, if the symptoms are suppressed they go further into the body and the lungs become involved. The skin and the lungs are closely linked, as are all parts of our body.

Mothers of young children who use inhalers usually tell me that their child’s colds go to their chests and they have been prescribed anti-biotics in the past. This of course helps to clear the chesty cough and cold, however, prolonged and regular use of antibiotics can then lead to upset tummies and disturbances in the gut.  In time, this can lead to other problems such as anxieties, ADH etc, and on it goes.

If you are looking for a more natural approach to eczema, asthma or any childhood ailments and you would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help with any of the above symptoms please contact me or book a free no obligation 15 minute call.

Holiday Season – Travel & Motion Sickness

Holiday Season – Travel & Motion Sickness


Homeopathy for travel & motion sickness

As a child my parents took my brother and I to Italy for our summer holidays. We didn’t always fly and sometimes we would drive. I always preferred flying because I experienced terrible motion sickness both on the ferry crossing the channel and on the drive around the winding roads of the French & Italian Alps.

So what is motion sickness? The symptoms generally consist of dizziness, fatigue and nausea and can also cause vomiting. It is a disturbance of the inner ear resulting from repeated motion of driving through winding roads, the swell of the sea, even turbulence when traveling by plane. This all causes the sensory receptors to the brain to become over stimulated leading to the feeling of motion sickness.  I wish my parents had known about homeopathy back then.

There are quite a few homeopathic remedies that can be taken but the ones that I find work the best are:-

Borax – This remedy is a great remedy when you feel worse for downward motion e.g. when a plane is landing or when a boat is in a swell with an upwards and downwards motion.

Cocculus – A great remedy for motion sickness with dizziness. There is a feeling of dizziness with waves of nausea and all you want to do is lie down. The thought of any food will make you feel ill. It is worse for fresh air. There may also be some anxiety.

Petroleum – Surprisingly this remedy is worse for fresh air, like Cocculus, but there is less dizziness. There is an empty hungry feeling in the stomach with a dull, heavy headache.

Tabacum – There is extreme nausea with violent vomiting and cold perspiration, the face will be very pale and you will feel better for fresh air.

The beauty of homeopathic remedies are they are free from any side effects such as drowsiness and constipation.  If you would like to find out more about homeopathy and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life for common ailments please feel free to contact me.

These words are music to my ears.

These words are music to my ears.
I had a strong feeling of structure and I felt calm

“The very next day, after the remedy, I felt integrated and felt like everything slotted into place. I had a strong feeling of structure and I felt calm”.

These are the words from a lady I have been helping for the past few months. She came to see me following anxiety and PTSD following an accident. She felt better after the first two appointments with me, however once she realized how homeopathy worked on both the physical and emotional levels she decided to continue to see me to address some other issues that she had been having. It has been wonderful to watch her progress.

When people visit me I find people usually fall into three categories:-

  • some people have a one off problem and just want the symptom and once it has been fixed they will be on their way;
  • others discover how homeopathy can them on many levels and choose to continue with further treatment especially with ailments that they have lived with for a long time; and
  • others like to see me 4-6 times a year as part of a wellness package

If you or a member of your family has been living with a condition and you would like to see how homeopathy could help please contact me for a free 15 minute chat. You might just be surprised to discover how homeopathy can help on so many different levels.

I will shortly be offering wellness packages so please watch this space or send me an e-mail to find out more.

The Homeopath Diaries – asthma, rashes, morning sickness & swallowing pills by accident

The Homeopath Diaries – asthma, rashes, morning sickness & swallowing pills by accident
Helping another homeopath out while she takes a well earned holiday

In March a well respected homeopath asked whether I would cover for her while she went on holiday in July. This was a homeopath that I had admired and who has helped me grow and develop my practice over the past year with her advice and sharing of information.  She has a waiting list until April 2018.

I felt flattered that she had asked me but my initial thoughts were “how could I possibly cover for her”.  She deals with really complicated cases and she’s brilliant.  When we are asked to deal with things out of our comfort zone it is natural for self-doubt to creep in. It’s one thing dealing with my own patients when I have all their history and notes to hand, but to try and jump in and look after someone else’s was another thing altogether.

I then realized I was just as capable, after all she wouldn’t have asked me.  We both have high standards, are both classically trained and we are very thorough with our case taking and prescribing.  So the obvious answer was yes.

As her holiday approached, self doubts began to creep in – yes we all get them.  Would her patients like me, what if I made a mistake but there was no time for any of that because if I say I am going to do something I will do it and now was not the time to let anyone down. We had a handover call via Skype to run through some things and off she went for her well deserved holiday.

Everyday I checked my messages in between my own appointments and secretly hoped no one would contact me but because she helps many adults and children all over the world with ASD, ADHD, PANDAS & PANS and does regular homeopathic detoxes I knew someone would be in contact.

I think my main worry was that people wouldn’t want to deal with me or would compare me. These thoughts were soon pushed to the back of my mind because as soon as someone contacted me I went into “homeopathic mode” drawing on my knowledge and experience over the last 16 years.

So how did it go?  Here a few of the things I dealt with.

Small Boy with a Nasty Rash with Blisters
There was a little boy that had a nasty rash and blisters that had come up around his foot and his Mother was worried especially as they had a family funeral to go to later in the week. I prescribed Rhus Tox. I followed up with the next day to see how he was – his skin had improved. The Mother contacted me a few days later to ask about a remedy for another child who was picking up on her emotions due to the funeral. I had already suggested Ignatia for the grief and that “lump in the throat” feeling which she had taken but I suggested Pulsatilla for her young child.

Boy becoming impatient & possibly reacting to a remedy
Another Mother contacted me because she felt her young son was reacting to a homeopathic remedy and she felt he had regressed a little bit with his behaviour. I suggested a remedy to antidote and calm the reaction. The next day a very happy Mum sent me a beautiful photo of her son sitting quietly at the swimming pool waiting his turn instead of running around or trying to jump in before it was his turn.

I helped a lady who was struggling with her asthma.

Stiff Wrists & Hands
Another lady had woken up with stiff wrists and hands. Rhus Tox to the rescue once again.

Morning Sickness
An expectant Mum asked about remedies for morning sickness. I sent a list through so the patient could decide which remedies fitted her the best.

There were other things such as :-

  • a daughter swallowing a bottle of remedies in one go.
  • another person contacted me to see if she needed to order new remedies because ants had got into her remedies.

I received some lovely comments and feedback from the people I helped.   I was so glad I didn’t listen to my self-doubts. It was excellent experience for me and to also help a fellow and much respected homeopath.   We do this job because we have a passion for helping  and we see some incredible results using homeopathy.

When someone sees myself or another homeopath we don’t just say “here are you remedies” and send you on your way. We carefully work with you and encourage you to note any changes until your next follow up appointment. Equally if you need to talk to us in between appointments we will always get back to you as soon as possible and that is why she arranged for cover while she took a break.

If you have been thinking about using homeopathy for you or your children and would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help you please feel free to contact me for a 15 minute no obligation consultation.

Gonorrhea ‘Superbug’ – The drugs aren’t working (part 2)

Anti-Biotic Resistance

In today’s news it was reported that a gonorrhea ‘superbug’ is spreading around the world.  The disease is becoming resistant to anti-biotics.  It is estimated that 78 million people become infected each year.

Gonorrhoea affects the genitals, rectum and throat.   For women it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which rather worryingly there are no symptoms which means it is usually discovered too late. PID can lead to ectopic pregnancies, damage to the fallopian tubes and uterus and invariably women don’t know they have it until they try to get pregnant.

In 2015 the World Health Organisation predicted that gonorrhoea (a form of Sexually Transmitted Disease “STI”) would become untreatable and it seems that foresight has now come true.

Homeopathic treatment helps to keep your body in good health and working as it should. Our bodies are incredibly clever but with all the interventions and side effects of modern day medicines they can become compromised. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been consistently used for over 200 years and it still working – there are no superbugs with homeopathy.  I have helped many people with recurring infections that now no longer need to take antibiotics and they are much healthier as a result.

If you would like to find a way to boost your body’s health naturally without relying on antibiotics but using homeopathy please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat. It can help with so many conditions. See FAQ for further information.

A Successful Career Woman with Chronic Cystitis & Pain

A Successful Career Woman with Chronic Cystitis & Pain
Homeopathy & Cystitis

Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

Katie, was referred to me by another patient that I had helped in the past.  Katie was in her early 40s.  She had a high-powered job which took her on regular business trips around the world.   Katie had been suffering with cystitis since her 20s and more recently, in the last 3 years, the infections had become more painful and severe. She now had blood in her urine and she was experiencing lots of kidney pain.   She told me that traveling was becoming more difficult and the pain was affecting her sleep.

Katie had been prescribed anti-biotics since her 20s and had even become resistant to some of them. She told me that as a rule she would have to take them at least once a month and sometimes twice which was usually how often she got an infection.

She was becoming anxious about her health, her job and wasn’t firing on all cylinders because of the lack of sleep and energy.   She was completely drained and said she felt like a “human speed bump”.

The first thing I decided to do with Katie’s treatment plan was to detox her from the years of over use of anti-biotics. I also prescribed her with her constitutional remedy taking in the totality of all her symptoms and I prescribed a remedy to support her kidneys. I asked to see her again in 5 weeks time for a follow up consultation where we would assess the remedy reaction.

At the follow up consultation Katie told me that she had been on two business trips and had been symptom free, with no infections. She felt so much better, although she was still a little bit stressed and anxious. I asked Katie to continue with the homeopathic detox, this was an 8 week course and I prescribed her with her constitutional remedy again. I asked to see her for another follow up in one month’s time.

At the third consultation Katie told me that she had not had an infection for almost three months and had now completed the detox.   More importantly she hadn’t needed to take any anti-biotics during this time. She reported that she felt much better on all levels and had energy to start exercising properly again.  I no longer need to see Katie as homeopathy has done it’s job.

Homeopathy treats the person and not the symptoms unlike conventional medicine. Conventional medicine just treats the symptoms and whilst the symptoms disappear the infections never get better in the long term and usually return. In this case a resistance to the anti-biotics built up and the symptoms went deeper inside the body – to the kidneys.

If you have a history of repeated infections or are taking anti-biotics or any medication and you would like to talk to me to see how I may be able to help please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation chat.  Homeopathy gets to the root cause and treats the totality.

Ear infections, sore throats, tummy upsets etc

Ear infections, sore throats, tummy upsets etc
Homeopathy for children

Has your child been prescribed repeated doses of antibiotics or medication for recurring illnesses but they still get repeated ear infections, tonsillitis, stomach upsets?  Maybe they are anxious or have anger issues.  If this is the case you may have considered homeopathy which is a safe, gentle, non-toxic form of medicine.

Children respond beautifully to homeopathy and the effects are usually long-lasting with no need for repeated antibiotics.  If you have been considering homeopathy for your child, you might be pleased to know that I will be offering a low cost children’s clinic during the summer holidays and am offering the following discounts (for children under the age of 12):-

Initial consultation                         £35 – SAVING £15

Follow up consultation                 £25 – SAVING £10

If you would like to find out more please contact me for a free friendly no obligation chat.  I see people in the UK and overseas either in person or via Skype (I post remedies on).

Lyme Disease & Homeopathy

Lyme Disease & Homeopathy
Bitten by a tick?

I was asked about Lyme disease and whether homeopathy can help and yes it can but prevention is always better than cure.

If however you have been bitten by a tick I recommend taking Ledum 200c as soon as you notice you have been bitten. It is one of the first aid remedies that everyone should have in their first aid kit.  It is also thought to have a prophylactic value in relation to tetanus, so a worthwhile remedy to keep and it is great for puncture wounds too.

Sadly, not everyone notices that they have been bitten until it is too late or until the bulls-eye rash associated with Lyme appears which can be anytime between 3-30 days after being bitten. I would still recommend taking Ledum as soon as possible especially as bacteria from a tick bite doesn’t always show up in blood tests until a few months later.

Many people with chronic fatigue or unexplained symptoms have Lyme’s Disease. Some of the symptoms are-

  • Feeling chilly or have a fever
  • Headaches and/ or dizziness
  • Depression
  • Swollen joints and / or swollen lymph nodes
  • Muscles Pains & Shooting pains
  • Tingling
  • Stiff neck

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme or have chronic symptoms as described above please feel free to contact me to see how I might be able to help you using homeopathy.






“It’s her hormones”

“It’s her hormones”.

How many times I wonder have we heard someone say this?   Whether it is about a young women just entering into adulthood and going through puberty, an adult women in her fertile years or a woman entering the peri-menopausal phase people will say “oh it’s her hormones”.

The fact is as women, our hormones are constantly fluctuating.   If we are in good health and everything is working as it should we should be able to cope with these hormonal changes throughout the month and various stages of our life, but sometimes this isn’t always the case and people usually seek help from their GP.

The GP may offer the contraceptive pill to help with heavy and painful periods, moods swings, depression etc, but what this actually does is to interfere with the endocrine system.  Our endocrine system has control over the whole body and over time symptoms will usually return. HRT will be offered to women approaching or going through the menopause.

Both the pill and HRT are synthetic hormones and interfere with our bodies on many levels, particularly the endocrine system and over time more problems can appear, such as stress, anxiety , sleep problems, fibroids, ovarian cysts, severe PMS, etc.

I work with women and help them through all stages of their life, using homeopathy I help to rebalance hormones so they can once again feel healthy and well.  By rebalancing hormones I am also able to help with regulating cycles which helps with conception and pregnancy.

If you would like to find out more how homeopathy can help you please contact me for a free no obligation chat.  I can also  offer evening appointments either in person or via Skype.

Treating Insect Bites & Stings with Homeopathy

Treating Insect Bites & Stings with Homeopathy
Treating insect bites & stings with homeopathy

A few months ago I made a short video about treating bites and stings naturally with homeopathic remedies and they are listed below.

Apis – this is for bites and stings that are burning, red and very swollen

Ledum – excellent remedy for all bites especially when the insect has made a puncture wound and there is intense itching. The area is usually cold to touch but feels better when cold is applied. If you are in a tick infested area I normally recommend taking this for 5 days after being bitten.

Cantharis – Infected area is burning, red, and may even be blistered. This is also a great sunburn remedy.

Hypericum – this remedy is very effective for nerve rich areas of the body, especially where there are shooting pains, numbness or tingling after being bitten.

Calendular Cream or Hypercal Cream – apply to help calm and sooth any irritation.

I always have these remedies to hand, particularly during holidays and during the summer months. If you have any allergies to bites or stings and would like to find out how homeopathy can help please feel free to contact me.  I offer a free 15 minute consultation.