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Shaking off a Chest Infection with Homeopathy

Shaking off a Chest Infection with Homeopathy
Shaking off a chest infection with homeopathy

Chest Infection
“When I get a cold it always goes to my chest”.
 This is one of the things people often say to me when I go through their medical history.

Invariably they have a history of taking anti-biotics over the years and it becomes increasingly more difficult and longer to get rid of chest infections and they find they have less energy as their body works harder to fight of the infection.

This is when people may decide to try homeopathy.   Below is a lovely testimonial that I received from someone that tried homeopathy for the first time:-

“I met with Tracey with an open mind about homeopathy. I had been unable to shake off a chest infection and generally felt irritable, lethargic and emotional. I really appreciated the time and care that Tracey took in working out what remedies would help me. Within a very short time my chest infection had completely cleared and I felt energetic, calm and balanced. There were a few instances that previously before the treatment I would have reacted negatively to. However, I have been able to deal with situations in a positive manner and this I can honestly say is due to the remedy. Family, friends and colleagues have also notice a calmer more balanced me about the home and in the office.

Tracey is consistent in her personality, approach and professionalism and the gentle power of homeopathy has helped me to find a new level of health and wellbeing. I am looking forward to continuing working with Tracey and have and will continue to recommend her services”, Ms K W, Kent

If you experience repeated chest infections, coughs or colds and would like to know more about homeopathy please contact me to for a no obligation call to find out how I may be able to help you or visit my FAQ page. You might be very surprised at how much it helps on so many other levels.

Homeopathy differs from conventional medicine because I find a remedy to match YOU and YOUR unique symptoms. Not only does it help with the symptoms but it helps on other levels such as overall wellbeing and more energy as you can see from the above testimonial.

My Confidence Returned as my Skin got Better

My Confidence Returned as my Skin got Better
My Confidence Returned as my skin got better

The names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.  Paul, 21 came to see me for eczema and asthma.  Like many eczema cases it was worse in the winter and better in the sun.  Paul had it on his elbows, backs of legs and on his face.  It had got worse over the last 4 years. He had asthma since he was aged 8.  He told me that he wakes up in the night and is wheezy. He said when he feels happy he is good but he also gets depressed especially over his skin. He told me that this made him feel like he was two different people. He blocks things out and tries not to think about things.  If his skin is bad he won’t go out and worries about what people think about him and feels that people are looking at his skin.   He told me he had a girlfriend for the last 3 years but she wanted to dump him unless he stops smoking cannabis.   He also said he hated his job and never got up for it and was always late.

When I took this case there was a lot going on, suppression of skin conditions and also the asthma. Both the skin and lungs are linked and that is why we see so many cases of suppressed skin conditions leading to asthma. His girlfriend was asking him to stop smoking and he was not enjoying his work, not to mention that when his skin flared up he didn’t want to go out or be seen.

I prescribed a solution to be taken daily (Silica) and asked Paul to come back to see me in 6 weeks time when we would assess the remedy action and make any changes necessary.  He duly came back and reported that his skin had improved and remarkably that he had stopped smoking.  He told me that he started to see improvements after two weeks.  He told me he felt much more confident and also informed me that he had split up with his girlfriend which he was okay.   He said his life was much better and he was entering a new chapter of his life. He was still unsure what he wanted to do job wise but had found a new job working with his friend’s Dad who had his own business.   The job involved meeting new people and this did not worry him.  He was enjoying it and was getting up for work and arriving on time.

Paul said “I hadn’t realized how the remedy could help me with so many other things, so I would give it a 9 out of 10”.

Many people don’t really understand that homeopathy treats people holistically and doesn’t just address one symptom. In this case because Paul’s confidence returned he was able to make changes to his life and move forward. The change in this young man was quite remarkable from the first time I met him.

If you would like to find out how homeopathy can help you with a condition or something you may be struggling with please contact me for a free no obligation chat.

Over The Moon & Feeling Good

Over The Moon

This is how I felt when I received the following testimonial.

I believe that we all like to receive feedback, good or bad to just know how we are doing. Ultimately, I think all we ever want to do is our best and to do a good job. I know I certainly do and that is what I strive for when I treat people.

So here is the testimonial I received this week that has made me very happy indeed and thank you to Linda who took the time to send me her feedback.

If there is anything that you might have lived with for a long time and it is niggling away and you would like to see if I can help please contact me for a free 15 minute call.

“I’d been suffering with recurring cold-type symptoms for a long time; a stuffy nose and irritating phlegmy cough that often woke me in the night. For the last couple of years I’d labelled it as ‘hay fever’ as the symptoms were worse in the Summer but it dawned on me last Winter that the underlying symptoms were pretty much there all the time.  At the start of this year I therefore went for a first visit to my GP. I was given a nasal spray to use and pretty much told that if it were allergy related, as I suspected, it could take a long time to track down the cause so I left with little expectation of seeing much improvement.

About a month later I met Tracey on a riding holiday and, as a result of initial conversations and seeing success stories on her Facebook page, decided to give homeopathy a try.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Tracey put me completely at ease and explained the process she’d go through before the consultation. Although I participated openly and honestly I will admit to being quite cynical and that wasn’t helped when the ‘treatment’ that arrived turned out to be 3 tiny white pills. I took them as directed and at the same time stopped the daily anti-histamine I’d been taking. Within a week I started to notice an improvement, with the symptoms persisting but greatly reduced. Tracey however wasn’t happy with the result and prescribed a further treatment. Two months later and I’ve not taken an anti-histamine since and the symptoms no longer intrude on my life.  I still occasionally get ‘stuffy’ or a slight tickly cough but that’s now infrequent, and I assume a reaction to a peak in whatever allergen triggered it in the first place.

I therefore have no hesitation in urging you to give homeopathy a try.  I’d also recommend Tracey highly as her empathic and professional approach put me completely at ease when discussing personal details.  The results then speak for themselves!”