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Free Guide Top 10 First Aid Remedies

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Taking the Remedies

Firstly, it’s important to note that an acute is something that comes on suddenly and is usually short lived.   It is a one-off illness as opposed to a chronic complaint that is low lying, constantly there in the background with flare-ups of the illness from time to time.

An example of an acute is the onset of flu with fever while a chronic complaint is more likely to be eczema or asthma.  If you have a chronic complaint then it is advisable to see a qualified homeopath as we look beyond the complaint.

It is very important when treating acute illnesses to be observant to the symptoms. For example:-

  • The time of the day or what caused the acute to come on
  • Sensation – is it stinging, cramping or itching?
  • If it’s a fever does the person feel hot and dry or is there perspiration?
  • Is the person irritable, exhausted, no energy, tearful, angry?
  • Are they thirsty?
  • The location of the ailment.

Taking the Remedy for an acute symptom/illness

Take one small tablet under the tongue every hour until you start to feel better.  As soon as there is an improvement STOP taking the remedy.

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