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Homeopathy & ASD

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I specialise in treating people with anxieties and depression and also have a keen interest in helping children who have been diagnosed with ASD or ADHD.

As a registered homeopath it is important that I keep myself updated on progress, new developments and undergo regular training. I am also a member of a private practice building group founded by Alan Freestone who successfully treats autism (he has a 7 month waiting list).

I am really pleased to report that recently I had a training session with Alan Freestone on his approach of treating autism. I was keen to learn how he approaches cases using different homeopathic protocols.   Where indicated, I will now be adopting these protocols to treat my patients presenting with ASD and these could be a combination of the following:-

  • Classical homeopathy – this takes in the total symptoms of the patient
  • Isopathy – using a substance in homeopathic potency that caused their illness, for example never been well since a certain vaccination
  • Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes – these can heal damaged bowels and neurological symptoms such as rage and anxiety.
  • Biochemical Tissue Salts – these remedies can help people assimilate nutrients more effectively.

All the above methods can be used alongside conventional medication and other treatments.

If you would like to find out more and how I may be able to help your child using homeopathy please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute no obligation chat.

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