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Letting Go

Letting go of things we can’t control

NB: Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

Paula first came to see me because she was stressed and not sleeping. She was successful, ambitious and highly driven. She was immaculately turned out and a perfectionist. She made sure everything in her life ran like clockwork.

Paula explained that she had been married a year earlier, she had organised it herself because only she could do it in the way she wanted it. The wedding took place in the Maldives and everything was arranged to precision. As she described the wedding and all what went into the planning it sounded like the dream wedding.   That was until it rained. As she continued to tell the story she became upset and angry because all of her planning had been ruined.

Unfortunately, the one thing we cannot control is the weather. Here she was, a year later still reeling over how her big day had been ruined by the weather.   It was like she had forgotten the reason why she had got married. Her reaction was totally out of proportion but it wasn’t to her.

Since the wedding, the weather on her wedding day had occupied her every thought. She had even had her handbag snatched because she had not been concentrating when walking down a busy road.   She had also been trying to start a family but that wasn’t happening either, she felt everything was against her and was losing control. Her life had always been mapped out. I worked on her case and prescribed Nat Mur and I arranged to see her a month later.

Paula returned for her follow up appointment and she was much calmer. She reported that her sleep had improved and her stress levels were now more manageable. I prescribed her the same remedy and asked to see her again a month later. This time she was much more at ease. We went through things and how she was feeling. She even talked about her wedding with fond memories saying it had been a beautiful day and she showed me photos.   I gave her a further remedy but said I didn’t need to see her again but she should come back if there was something else she might need help with.

She contacted me a few weeks later with the good news that she was expecting and she wanted me to treat her through her pregnancy as she had had a history of migraines and didn’t want to take conventional medicine during her pregnancy. I treated her throughout her pregnancy and I also made up a birthing kit of remedies that helped her through childbirth. I then treated her baby in the first few months for colic.

Sometimes something can happen to us that are not in our control but can throw us off balance and we might not deal with it in a rational manner. We are unable to let it go, it consumes our every thought and it can have a detrimental effect on many aspects of our health. This is why I am so passionate about homeopathy because it really helps people on so many levels.