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The following are comments received from some of my patients:-

Mum of Boy, Aged 11 – General treatment 
He has really calmed down, much less grumpy!  Back to the kind, helpful loveable boy he always was!  When he plays on the computer, he comes off with no problem now, he used to argue and be really rude.  Now it’s “ok Mummy” and he comes off.  He still has a little cough and has used his inhaler the last couple of days, but it doesn’t bother him and he gets over these attacks quickly.  But overall his behaviour has really improved so I’ve seen really big changes.  I’m really grateful so thank you so much.
Mum – 11 year old boy, W Sussex (February 2018)

Female – Endometriosis
As a sufferer of endometriosis since the age of 15 I was, now aged 55, coming to the end of my tether.  Every month I was dosing up with painkillers but the pain seemed to be worsening and I was losing hope that anything could be done.  The pointless pain was affecting my sanity, my work life and my home life.

After numerous visits to various doctors and specialists, all to no avail, a friend recommended I see a homeopath.  I was very sceptical of this mumbo jumbo voodoo magic called homeopathy but, as they say, when you are desperate, you’ll try anything and so I visited Tracey.  My only regret is that I hadn’t visited her years ago.

After the first treatment I felt a difference. The pain hadn’t exactly gone but it was easily bearable and I wasn’t popping the painkillers in the same way.  I had no idea what was happening but my body was changing.  The second month was even more improved and by the third month I was pain free.  Completely pain free.  I’m now a convert and will sing Tracey’s praises from the rooftops.

Her professional and friendly manner put me at ease and her complete belief in homeopathy was infectious.  No more mumbo jumbo voodoo magic.  Homeopathy is life changing and real.  Thank you Tracey.
Mrs J J, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (January 2018)

Teenage Boy – Stomach pain, food intolerances & exhaustion
I am a medical doctor by background though I left my partnership in general practice 5 years ago. While I practised orthodox medicine as a GP I also studied homoeopathy to the diploma level and was able to prescribe, where appropriate, to some of my medical patients with at times great effect.
As much as I am passionate and fairly knowledgeable in homoeopathy – and use it in “first aid” situations in my own family – I needed more help with one of my children and Turned to Tracey for this – it is very hard to be objective when it is one of your own!

Tracey was absolutely brilliant with my teenager son – one video appointment and he is totally back on track with his health. Back to boxing, no pain, eating what he wants and is about to start snowboarding!
It was a pretty complex situation and he tells me now he is completely better, would highly recommend Tracey’s help to others and he gives the overall effects of the treatment a score of 10/10. I don’t want to go into big details of what his problems were but they included abdo pain and food intolerances, and he had been attending his GP for the same with no signs of progress for around 18 months. He and I are both delighted and another family member of mine is about to start a homoeopathic healing journey with Tracey on the back of his high recommendation. I am so grateful our paths crossed Tracey – thank you so much. X
Mum, Scotland (January 2018)

Mother & Baby – Anxiety in pregnancy
I can highly recommend Tracey. I had an appointment during my pregnancy due to anxiety and personal issues. Tracey helped put a homeopath pack together that would help during childbirth. She even covered both natural and c-section births. She goes above and beyond as she checked in with me regularly once the baby was born as I had ongoing health issues.   I have also seen Tracey to help with littlen for teething issues. I cannot thank Tracey enough for all the help she has provided for both me and baby.
Mum, W. Sussex (November 2017)

Female – Crohns & Migraines
Tracey has been wonderful to work with in trying to solve my complex health issues, even across oceans… we video chat and talk on Messenger, and she is consistently available to answer questions and address concerns. I had very little experience with homeopathy before working with Tracey, and she has been very reassuring and willing to explain the process in ways I can understand. We’ve only been working together for a couple of months, and I am seeing great improvement already. Thanks Tracey!
Female, USA, (October 2017)

Boy, Aged 10 – Homeopathic Detox & Constipation 
I took my young son to see Tracey. He was suffering from severe constipation due to a side effect of his prescribed medication needed for an ongoing medical condition. I am happy to say that Homeopathy has gently brought my son more comfort and and continues to do so – all naturally . I highly recommend Tracey. She has a wonderful way of listening to children and parents. I find Tracey very supportive and have enlisted her help for my own health and for my younger daughter.
Mum E Sussex (September 2017)

Lady in Mid 50s – Digestion, Water Retention, Insomnia & Allergies  
I have been treated by Tracey Campbell for 6 months now. All the disorders I knew like poor digestion, water retention, insomnia and allergies are gone. A couple of months ago I turned an ankle and got a severe sprain. Thanks to the homeopathic remedies Tracey gave me it took me a few weeks to recover instead of the 3 months foreseen by my GP. Since I live in Belgium, I have my consultations via Skype. We see each other and can communicate as well as if we were sitting in the same room. A few days after I receive the medicines carefully wrapped together with clear instructions. I use bank transfers for the payment. The whole process is quick and easy.   Homeopathy is effective indeed and unlike allopathy it’s safe for your health.
SD, Belgium (August 2017) 

Young Boy aged 7 with Eczema 
I took my son to see Tracey to help with his eczema.  I didn’t want to keep using steroid creams to deal with flair ups. Tracey gave him the remedy along with a steroid detox and 3 months later the improvement is fantastic. No longer any need for daily emoliants…any small dry patches are controlled using a natural chickweed cream. My sons eczema was quite mild so he dealt with the changes to his skin very well…i would highly recommended anyone with skin conditions to try homeopathy it really works ! Thank you Tracey
JK, Horley (August 2017) 

Female mid 20s – Mild Depression & “After Wedding Blues”
I wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after my daughter when she was struggling a few months ago. She has always suffered with mild depression that comes back to haunt her and she realised that the “after wedding blues” might be too much for her to cope with.
We went to see Tracey and she spent an hour talking to my daughter and understanding the root of the anxiety. She gave her a few magic pills to take immediately and then a few emergency ones for just before the big day if she needed them.  Within a week I noticed the change in her and she was far less “prickly”. Now 2 weeks after the wedding and honeymoon, she is still in a good place and a very happy bunny.

Thank you for your care, understanding and immense knowledge in getting my lovely girl back to her happy and healthy self.   I thoroughly recommend you to all my friends and family.
SW, Tunbridge Wells. (August 2017)

ME & Chronic Fatigue
Through homeopathy Tracey has been able to help reduce my severe symptoms of ME/CFS. In the 6 months I have been seeing her, my fatigue levels have lessened and my recovery from relapses have been quicker. I have had more energy overall. Tracey has been very supportive and positive, and I look forward to continuing to improve under her guidance.
Ms S, London (April 2017)

Anxiety, Depression & Anxiety
About four months ago I went to Tracey for help with my anxiety, depression and lethargy. I have suffered with anxiety since I was a child and at its worst I struggled to leave the house, so it has had a big impact on my life. Since having treatment with Tracey, I have been astonished by the positive changes which have taken place – my lethargy has almost disappeared; I no longer dwell on worries which means my anxiety is significantly reduced; I am able to stay more relaxed in ‘stressful’ situations and even my friends have noticed this too; I wake up in the morning with positivity and I look forward to the day ahead. I am so pleased I went to see Tracey as I can finally start to really enjoy life!
Mrs E, Kent (April 2017)

I started treatment with Tracey 6 months ago for my ME/CFS, I went from finding getting out of bed a struggle, constant fatigue, joint pain mostly in my hands and feet, brain fog/confusion amounst other symptoms. Now 6 months on I’m so much better hardly notice the joint pain at all and managing to do so much more without exhaustion on even general tiredness. I feel like I have a part of my life back! I’m extremely grateful to Tracey for all her help and will be continuing treatment with her. I have a few medical issues that were also taken into consideration and even treated during this 6 month period I felt Tracey went above and beyond what she needed to, to help me. Thank you
Mrs CB, Kent (April 2017)

Depression, Anxiety Attacks & Reducing Anti-depressants 
I have been suffering with depression on and off for several years, and after a couple of major adverse events in my life I started having anxiety attacks.  My GP started me on strong anti-depressants, but all they did was to make me feel uncharacteristically short tempered (to put it mildly).  I decided enough was enough and took myself off to see Tracey.  My initial consultation was hugely helpful, almost a counselling session.  How many of us get a chance to talk things through with someone unrelated to ourselves?  Tracey helped me through our session in a calm and caring manner, and was able to provide me with the appropriate remedy from her box of tricks.  Since taking the remedy prescribed I have been able to stop taking the anti-depressants, I have no feelings of anger, and have had the confidence to make some major changes in my lifestyle – none of which I would have been able to do without Tracey’s input.  I will have no hesitation in highly recommending Tracey to anyone with similar problems.
Mrs R C , Kent (April 2017)

Skin Problems
Having previously consulted with Tracey for a different condition (mildly asthmatic symptoms) I approached her at the end of December 2016 to discuss whether homeopathy might be able to help with another problem I’d been suffering with for well over 2 years. Several visits to the doctor and consultation with different GPs had failed to diagnose and treat a skin rash that had started around my nose but had begun to spread further.
I’d had diagnoses of seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea and tried a variety of creams without success; in fact, the cream I’d been prescribed several months previously seemed to have caused the condition to deteriorate.   Following a consultation with Tracey she told me she believed she could treat it but also warned that the condition could become worse before it improved. She explained that the creams I’d been using simply suppressed the symptoms and that to treat the condition effectively it would have to be flushed out of my system.
I started taking the remedy on New Year’s Day and immediately stopped using any prescribed creams, determined to give Tracey’s homeopathic remedy a chance. That was particularly tough when, as I’d been advised, within 2 weeks it worsened and became very inflamed and itchy. However, the results speak for themselves. Within 2 months my skin was clear of the redness, inflammation and spots and has remained so since. I’m now a complete convert to homeopathy and would recommend Tracey without reservation!
Ms L Y, Wilts (April 2017)

I have been going to Tracey since December 2016 and her treatment has helped me no end.  Having been on anti depressants on and off for over 10 years with the help of the remedies I am able to stay off them.  Over the last few months Tracey has become a friend and confident and always gives reassurance and advice as well as prescribing the right remedy.  I always know when my appointment is due as I am ready for the next stage in my journey.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and her practice.
Ms V W, Surrey (April 2017)

Negative Feelings about myself
I have always been interested in Homeopathy and its benefits but I do believe that finding the right Homeopath is crucial. Tracey Campbell has helped me so much over the last few months as I had some personal issues that I needed help with. Tracey recommended a remedy that helped dispel the negative feelings that I had about the situation and also about myself. Talking it through with Tracey really helped and it made me see, along with the remedy itself, just what I needed to do to put things right. I have had several appointments over the last few months and every time I have been to see her, I feel that I improve. If you are looking for someone who is professional yet sympathetic and kind then Tracey is the person for you…
Mrs JH, Surrey (Mar 2017)

Pregnancy & Childbirth
“I went to see Tracey during my pregnancy as I found I was becoming more and more anxious as the due date got closer, especially as they had indicated that I might have to stay in hospital a few weeks prior to the birth. I don’t like hospitals and this was beginning to make me feel extremely nervous.
She prescribed me a remedy which I took – 3 small tablets over two days. She also gave me another remedy to take as a top up should I feel any anxiety in between appointments. After taking the remedy I felt back to my calm self. A few things happened at work that would usually aggravate me but they didn’t affect me.
I had to go into hospital early and a caesarian section was booked. I ended up going into labour at the same time as going into theatre for the C section. The Anesthetist couldn’t believe I was so calm and especially throughout the whole procedure. Thank you so much xx”
Mrs J C, West Sussex (Mar 2017)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
“Thanks so much for a wonderful session this morning. We must have dismantled another layer of onion at the very least; I felt very soothed and calm as I drove away. It even lasted all the way along the M25 / M26 / M20 🙂 !!
Ms SA, Kent (Mar 2017)

“Thank you so much Tracey, you gave me a huge lift yesterday.  You have great insight and pulled stuff out of me that helped to make sense of it all and let the light filter in”.
Ms SA, Kent (Jan 2017)

Anxiety & Depression
“I visited Tracey after experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. I was constantly crying and experienced a couple of panic attacks. Having gone through a breakdown before, I was worried I was going in the same direction but didn’t want to go back to using anti-depressants as they tend to mask the problem and the side effects can be unpleasant. I was slightly skeptical but desperate to feel more myself again. Tracey spent a long time during the consultation and was very easy to open up to and discuss matters. Within a day or two of taking the prescribed remedy (just 3 pillules) I was feeling like I was coping better. Since then I have had a follow up with the same remedy prescribed. Colleagues at work have noticed I’m much more confident at work and I had a comment recently asking if I’d done something different as I looked amazing. I feel emotionally and physically so much better and am even sleeping better. Thank you Tracey”
Miss J, Kent (Feb 2017)

Anxiety & Feeling of not being able to cope
For various reasons and events happening in my life I felt that I had hit a wall. I didn’t know how I was going to cope with the months ahead let alone the next ten minutes. I felt horribly desperate.  I had seen Tracey previously for something else and the result had been very successful so I called her and we arranged a consultation by phone. She sent me a remedy and I haven’t looked back. I feel strong and so relieved that I feel that I can cope with the months ahead.
Ms T P, Kent (Jan 2017)

Confidence Issues
I consulted with Tracey recently regarding my confidence issues when riding my horse. She recommended a homeopathic remedy for me to take. It is actually one I had taken years ago and had forgotten about and I remembered how it had helped me then.  Again this remedy has really helped and while I don’t take it all the time, I take it when we are facing a new situation which might be challenging.  Its nice to know that I have a bit of back up when I need it.

Thank you Tracey.
Mrs L H, Lingfield  (Nov 2016)

Reccuring cold symptoms & cough
I’d been suffering with recurring cold-type symptoms for a long time; a stuffy nose and irritating phlegmy cough that often woke me in the night. For the last couple of years I’d labelled it as ‘hay fever’ as the symptoms were worse in the Summer but it dawned on me last Winter that the underlying symptoms were pretty much there all the time.

At the start of this year I therefore went for a first visit to my GP. I was given a nasal spray to use and pretty much told that if it were allergy related, as I suspected, it could take a long time to track down the cause, so I left with little expectation of seeing much improvement.

About a month later I met Tracey on a riding holiday and, as a result of initial conversations and seeing success stories on her Facebook page, decided to give homeopathy a try.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Tracey put me completely at ease and explained the process she’d go through before the consultation.

Although I participated openly and honestly I will admit to being quite cynical and that wasn’t helped when the ‘treatment’ that arrived turned out to be 3 tiny white pills.

I took them as directed and at the same time stopped the daily anti-histamine I’d been taking. Within a week I started to notice an improvement, with the symptoms persisting but greatly reduced. Tracey however wasn’t happy with the result and prescribed a further treatment. Two months later and I’ve not taken an anti-histamine since and the symptoms no longer intrude on my life.

I still occasionally get ‘stuffy’ or a slight tickly cough but that’s now infrequent, and I assume a reaction to a peak in whatever allergen triggered it in the first place.

I therefore have no hesitation in urging you to give homeopathy a try.  I’d also recommend Tracey highly as her empathic and professional approach put me completely at ease when discussing personal details.  The results then speak for themselves!
Ms L Y, Marlboro, Wilts (June 2016)

“I am playing loads of squash and seem to be just about completely over my asthma! I don’t wake up wheezing in the morning. And have played quite a few matches of squash. I still have a little tightness – if I play really hard, but it doesn’t stop me playing!

Thanks for all your time, effort and help”.
SW, Surrey

Recurring cough

I first went to see Tracey as I had a recurring cough each winter, which usually lasted from October to March. Tracey took the time to delve into the root causes of my issues. Her approach is totally holistic.

She was kind and sensitive, focusing on the real issues which had been causing me anguish and stress whilst being professional and thorough at all times. She is a totally committed, knowledgeable and caring individual whose powers of observation are acute.   I would recommend Tracey to anyone.
Mrs L N, Billericay, Essex

Acute toothache
I needed the nerve in my tooth to be removed and was suffering the most horrendous pain. The problem started on a Friday but I was unable to see my dentist until the following Monday evening. Having no success with conventional medicine for pain relief, as a ‘last resort’ I contacted Tracey for some homeopathy help.

She explained that I would still need to see my dentist for the nerve extraction but would give me a remedy to get me through until my appointment. Truthfully I didn’t believe that whatever I took would stop the dreadful pain but within seconds of taking it the the pain disappeared.

It was as though someone had switched it off. I actually jumped for joy.

I have no hesitation recommending Tracey. She brought me joy in an instant!
Mrs T P, Lyminge, Kent

Anxiety & panic attacks
I had been suffering from anxiety for a number of years, although I wasn’t convinced this was the problem as I didn’t actually feel anxious at all. Countless visits over the years to my GP proved to be fruitless so in desperation I thought I would try Homeopathy.

I chose to use Tracey through a recommendation by my wife.  My first visit lasted just over two hours and by the time I left her practice I felt elated that someone was actually taking my problem seriously and was genuinely interested in helping me.

Tracey gave me some remedies and for the first time in years I feel so much better. I would have no hesitation recommending Tracey. She is caring, very thorough and genuinely interested in helping you.
Mr M P, Lyminge, Kent

Hay fever
Being a typical English male my views on Homeopathy were extremely sceptical to say the least!
I have suffered from hay fever since I was about 6 years old and have taken every drug known to man to get on top of it, with differing success.

 A good friend of mine (Tracey Campbell) decided to train as a Homeopath and she needed some volunteers to carry out trials during her training programme.   I duly volunteered as a friend, with scepticism written all over me!

The programme was approximately 6 months with tiny white tablets taken once a day, and honestly it made no difference at all at the time.   However the following year I noticed that I only used 1 packet of Benadryl, I used to take them 6 months of year, so approximately 10 packets a year.

I didn’t even think about the long term effects of the Homeopathy, however having spoken to Tracey about how it works, it would seem to be the reason why I am nearly cured.

I am not completely cured but I now only get Hayfever when hay making, and when exposed to high levels of pollen or spoors.
Mr M G, Blackham, Kent