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What to Expect from Homeopathic Treatment

What to expect from Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
I thought it might be helpful to share what happens when you first decide to see me and the process involved to help you get back to your optimum health with homeopathic treatment.

I understand that when you decide to come to see me it is a big step, especially if you have had conventional medicine for your symptoms. This is where homeopathy is so different because it helps on so many levels. We treat the whole person and not just the presenting symptoms.

You may be coming to see me because you’ve tried everything else and this is a last resort. Whatever your reason I will make you feel comfortable as we work together to getting you back on the road to better health with homeopathic treatment.

The First Consultation
You may see me in person or via Skype, either way, you should allow up to 1.5 hours for your first consultation. During this time we will discuss your symptoms, when they started and how they impact your life. I will ask you about any medication you are taking or have taken and we may do a homeopathic detox if I feel it necessary, particularly if the symptoms started after medication, an operation or vaccination. I will take a detailed medical history and also that of your family’s medical history.

After the first Consultation – What happens next?

– Taking the Remedy
– Monitoring the Remedy Re-action-
– Follow up appointments
– How long will Treatment Last
– Return to Optimum Health
– Maintenance Programme

Taking the Remedy
I may give you a remedy at the time of your appointment or in complex cases I may need to spend more time on your case before deciding on your remedy which I will post out to you.  If you are an overseas patient I will send you a prescription to order locally as this avoids any potential problems with customs. I have a list of overseas suppliers I use and am registered with.

Monitoring the Remedy Action & What to Expect Next
I will ask you to monitor any changes until your next consultation on both a physical and emotional level. This is really important to do, because as your case unfolds over the coming months it will help me to decide on your next remedy prescription and the next course of action.

Follow up appointments
I recommend that these are spaced approximately 5 weeks apart. The remedy acts in a subtle and gentle way and 5 weeks is usually a good length of time for the remedy to act. It is important to have regular follow up appointments to monitor progress and to assess the remedy’s reaction and how your body has responded to the remedy. Everybody is very different.  Some may only need to see me a few times others longer.

Homeopathy isn’t a quick fix but as we peel back the layers to good health you should find that you begin to feel healthier, stronger and have more energy. You may find that you cope with life and stressful situations with more ease and everyday colds, infections won’t last as long.

How long will treatment last?
This depends on your individual health problem and how your body responds but I recommend at least 3 follow up appointments especially if you have had your symptoms for a long time.   For more complex cases I suggest 6 follow up appointments but we will review progress every step of the way.

Returning you to Optimum Health
As your case unfolds and we peel back the layers to good health, you might experience a return of old symptoms. This is a good sign and cause for celebration because we are getting to the central disturbance and the symptoms that have accumulated over the years are now leaving your body.

We encourage the symptoms to leave your body, from the inside to the outside, away from internal organs, from top to bottom. This is the philosophy behind homeopathy and is the perfect law of cure.

Maintenance Programme
When you are happy with the level of health you have achieved you may still wish to continue to use homeopathy and if that is the case we can move you to a maintenance programme which can be every 3-6 months, whatever works best for you. Please note that if I haven’t seen you for over six months then it may be necessary to book a first consultation again.

I hope this has helped you to understand how the process works but should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to helping you.

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