5 Tips to help beat the January Blues

5 Tips to help beat the January Blues

So here we are it’s a new year, everything is fresh and new or is it?

For some of us January can be the most depressing and bleak time of year. After Christmas and New Year celebrations, things can suddenly appear quite flat. On New Year’s eve we look back and reflect and have high hopes for a new year. Then when it actually arrives and normal service is resumed the year ahead can suddenly seem daunting.

The month ahead suddenly looks very long and bleak.   Bank statements arrive and anxieties and worries creep in, clothes feel tighter, the days are short and cold.

It is easy to see why January can be the most depressing month of the year. So how can we improve our mood without breaking the bank.

  1. Exercise – no need to join a gym, take a walk at lunchtime it is a great stress reliever and great for clearing the mind.
  2. Eat Healthy – make home made smoothies, green ones are a favourite and are packed with lots of goodness.
  3. Declutter – January is a great time to go through things that are no longer needed. This takes time too and your mind will soon become occupied.
  4. Curl up with a good book – take advantage of the long nights and short days. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune, libraries and charity shops have a wide selection of books and you will be supporting them at the same time.
  5. Get organised – take a look at your bank statements and see where you can make savings, cancel all those direct debits and standing orders for services you no longer use. If you have a few you can set up another direct debit and pay it to a savings account. Then this can be used for a holiday or next January when the blues hit again.

If your anxiety or depression is more than just the January blues or you would like to improve your mood and feel better then I can help you with this using homeopathy. If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute chat.