A day in the life of a homeopath

A few of my many books

I thought it might be interesting to give people an insight into what a day is like as a homeopath.

As a general rule I don’t see more than four people a day. This means I can give each person the time, care and attention that they deserve and are paying for. I like them to feel comfortable when they visit me or talk to me via Skype and try to put them at ease.   I always like to go the extra mile, so if one of my patients has surgery of some kind coming up I will give them remedies to aid a speedy recovery, or if their children may be teething I will give them a first aid remedy to help with this. This is included in the price.  It is an added service that I like to provide.

Depending on what time my first patient is, and before my day starts I will try to go horse riding. It is very important that I am fit and well when people come to see me and for me, fresh air is the key. Patients of mine might relate to this as this is one of the questions I ask during a consultation. Do they feel better for fresh air or prefer to be inside.  This is one of the many questions I ask that helps me to select a remedy.

Female/Chronic Fatigue – Skype call follow up appointment with a patient involved in the six month Chronic Fatigue Study. We go through the last month together and what has or hasn’t improved. This particular patient is a true inspiration to me, she has such determination and continues whatever the odds. Luckily the remedy (Ph-Ac) has really helped her and she has continued to improve month on month. It is so rewarding to know that I am helping people with homeopathy and makes my job worthwhile. We have two more months left of the study.

Female/Post Traumatic Stress – A follow up with a patient who came to see me for the first time last month for post traumatic stress following an accident. Again, we discussed how she felt after taking the remedy and any changes/improvements that have been felt since.   I was so happy to know that she said she felt much better on many levels and said she “was now back”. She told me that she now smiles every day when she first wakes up. She said the stress has left her body and she is much happier. I too am very happy with this news. This patient was given Lycopodium which isn’t a typical stress or female remedy but on taking the case I found that it matched the patient’s symptoms.

Call re CFS – 15 minute Skype call with a lady based in New York to discuss her Chronic fatigue symptoms and to see if homeopathy might be for her.

Male/Asthma – A returning patient who saw me over 11 years ago. He came to me for hay fever and had no belief in homeopathy whatsoever.  Imagine, coming back to see me 11 years after his treatment and reporting that he is still reaping the benefits.  He now wanted me to help with his asthma that had recently got worse.   On taking his case, I didn’t prescribe a remedy straight because I wanted to spend some time on reading through my notes and differentiating between three remedies that I had in my mind. After further work I decided on a remedy and as his office isn’t far from my practice I hand delivered the remedy to him.

Returning Calls
In between appointments I return calls and e-mails that people have left for me and have free 15 minute consultations.

As well as seeing patients I network and am available to give talks to help spread the word about homeopathy. For me, I live and breath homeopathy every day and I am always amazed at how many people aren’t aware of what it can do.

Reading Time
There are over 3,000 remedies at my disposal and I will never be familiar with all of them so a lot of time is spent reading about them. I continually update myself on certain conditions and try to spend at least one hour a day learning.

So that is a small glimpse of my day as a homeopath. If there is a condition you might have and are wondering whether homeopathy can help please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.