A Tale of Homesickness & Tummy Pains

A tale of a tummy ache & homesickness

Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. It was World Digestion Day yesterday and I thought I would write about a young lady I helped a few years back.  She suffered with terrible tummy pains for over 7 years.

Yasmin, aged 24 years came to see me with severe abdominal pain, she could not eat and felt nauseas. She told me that when it was really bad she was unable to do anything and was could not even talk.  She’d had tests, scans and x-rays but they had all come back normal. She was now worried as she had been unable to eat properly for over 2 years and was only able to eat a little at a time and she was getting very thin. She only realized this because people kept saying how thin she was. She told me that the pain was getting worse and she was having difficulty sleeping.    She said her family worried about her this in turn made her worry about them.

When taking Yasmin’s case I asked her how long she had lived with this pain. I was shocked to discover that she had had it for 7 years.  This is when she moved to the UK from India with her family.   When deciding on the remedy to prescribe I took into account the feeling of homesickness together with her physical presenting symptoms. I prescribed her Sepia as this fitted with all of her symptoms at that time.  Yasmin’s treatment lasted for four months.   I changed the remedy half way through and each month she reported feeling much better. During this time, her appetite returned, she was eating much more and she gained weight. She was sleeping and was now doing more exercise.  She reported feeling happier than she had felt in a long time.

This is a classic example of how homeopathy treats the whole person, unlike conventional medicine, as well as her physical symptoms I also considered her emotional symptoms since leaving her home in India.   I asked her how this had made her feel.  As a homeopath I work with my patients to identify the root cause and in this case she had left a place where she had grown up and had been very happy.  We can never underestimate how our emotions can affect our health on all levels.  What was very sad was that Yasmin had lived with this condition for 7 years.

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