A Teenage Boy Avoiding School – it’s not what you think

Avoiding School – it’s not what you think.

A worried Mum recently brought her teenage son, Daniel*, to see me. He was being sent home from school on a regular basis with tummy pains and nausea. She also noticed that some mornings he wasn’t keen to go to school.

Daniel had been prescribed Omeprazole which didn’t seem to be working and things were getting worse. Some of the side effects of this medication are headaches, diarrhoea or constipation and sometimes a rash can appear.

On first talking to Daniel it would appear that this was a case of frequent tummy aches. During a consultation I ask lots of questions. The reason I do this is I try to get to the root cause of the problem.

Talking to Daniel further I could see a spiral of anxiety about his tummy aches and nausea. Interestingly it only happened on certain days so I had to gently find out in more detail what was going on.

As Daniel began to feel more comfortable with me he gave me more information but I still didn’t feel I had all the information I needed to prescribe a remedy. So I continued very gently prizing more information out of him.

He told me he didn’t like the silence in some classes.   He said it was in classes that were quiet such as History or Maths. When I asked why he told me his tummy would gurgle. This made him feel self-conscious and he worried that everyone could hear it.     He would try to stop the gurgling which made him feel uncomfortable, anxious and nauseas.

He said it was easier to go to the nurse’s room and get sent home. This then became a problem because any days when he would have what he called “silent classes” he became anxious and felt sick.

So as you can see there is a circle of a painful tummy, worry and feeling self-conscious in class. So whilst Daniel’s symptoms were tummy pains and nausea etc the actual root of the problem was his tummy gurgling in class which worried him and made him feel anxious.

This is how homeopathy works – I try to get to the root cause. Medication was not the answer in this case. I don’t just treat the symptoms I take time and find out what is actually going on in great detail. I treat the whole person both on a physical and emotional level.

I checked in on Daniel three weeks after his first appointment. His Mum told me he feels much better and hasn’t missed any school.  I am sure he will enjoy his summer holidays now.

I help lots of young children, teenagers and adults experiencing stomach problems. By getting to the root cause I am able to help without any side effects of harsh medication which doesn’t really solve any problem, it just masks it.

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*For Confidentiality Reasons names have been changed