A Trusted Remedy to help with Exams

If your child is struggling ahead of exams, I have a trusted remedy to help with exams.  This is a remedy that will really help your child.

A trusted remedy to help with exams

A trusted remedy to help with exams

It’s that time of year again when young teens are taking exams and over the past few weeks I have been contacted by many Mums concerned about their teens who have become extremely anxious about their forthcoming exams.

As well as their constitutional remedy (which treats them as a whole and takes into account their overall symptoms) I will quite often send them an extra helping hand with a combination remedy called Triple A. (AAA).

Mums always tell me that it really helps their child calm down and also helps with their sleep during exam time.   It also helps with study and especially with nerves on the day of exam.

I also send it to 11 year olds who are worried about their 11+ and who have suddenly become very stressed and anxious.

The remedy I use for exam stress is Triple A (AAA).  It is a combination remedy and is made up of the following homeopathic remedies:-

Ambra Grisea – helps relieve the symptoms of nervousness which is usually felt ahead of exams.

Anacardium – used when there is nervous exhaustion from over-study, continuous revising and they feel that they won’t remember anything they have learnt.  There is a fear around doing the exams and also lacking confidence in their ability.

Arg Nit – there is a lot of restlessness and they will feel the need to keep moving and fidgeting, they may also be experiencing  sleeplessness.  There will be a lot of  anticipatory anxiety.  If you already see me, I may well have prescribed this remedy in the past.  I sometimes use for myself ahead of a dressage competition.

If you already see me and your teen needs a helping hand during their exams please contact me.  Alternatively you can order this remedy from Helios.  You will be amazed at how much it helps calm them down ahead of their exams and they can continue revising with confidence.

Good luck to all who are taking exams and remember you’ve got this.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash