Adult Acne and Anxiety

Adult Acne & Anxiety

Over the last few months I have seen a number of women (and one male) presenting with adult acne and anxieties.

I find that the anxiety develops and becomes a self confidence issue around the skin condition. I address both these symptoms when I see someone and when one symptom improves the other symptom follows and makes for a much happier person.

People usually find me because they are looking for alternatives to harsh medications, especially ones such as Roaccutane which can have nasty side effects such as sensitivity to sunlight, depression, severe mood swings, suicidal thoughts and in some cases kidney damage.

At the start of an appointment I take a detailed history.  I find that in most cases the contraceptive pill has either been taken or has been prescribed to stop the acne. This of course doesn’t solve the problem.   It suppresses the acne only for it to return when the pill is stopped.

The pill disrupts the endocrine system which is responsible for producing hormones that help regulate the body’s growth, the physical and chemical processes of the body.  This disruption can lead to even be more hormonal imbalance and skin problems later down the line.

Here are a few snippets of some of my recent cases:-

Female 24 years
This young lady had typical signs of hormonal acne. She’d had anti-biotics and some steroid creams in the past but her skin wasn’t improving and she was experiencing increasing levels anxiety.

Over the last few months her skin has become less red and the spots are less than they were before and whilst they haven’t yet cleared 100% we can both see big improvements. She is also so much more confident and hardly experiences any anxiety. I have given her a few different remedies in the last four months including an anti-biotic detox.

Female, 20s, Acne, Anxiety
Another young lady came to me with a host of problems.  She had seborrheic dermatitis on her face and chest. Over the last three months her symptoms have improved on all levels. She has been given the same remedy since I saw her and just recently I did a homeopathic detox for anti-biotics. She is more confident and no longer experiences social anxiety.

Female, 30s, Acne face and shoulders
This lady had acne in her teens and was put on the pill. Her acne cleared up and she was very happy. She stopped taking the pill  because she wants to start a family.  Six months later her acne returned. “I’ve not had spots since I was a teenager – I can’t believe I’ve got this now in my 30s”.   She was now experiencing anxiety as well which doesn’t help when trying to fall pregnant.

People who take medication for their acne don’t realise that it is the cause that should be treated and the reason their acne returns once medication or the pill is stopped is because the root of the problem wasn’t addressed in the first place.

In this case I did a homeopathic detox of the pill. Initially her skin got worse which can sometimes happen as the remedies push out any impurities.   The body will start to regulate itself and rebalance with the help of carefully selected homeopathic remedies.

Male, 18 years
A mum sent her son to see me because she didn’t want him to take Roaccutane which was being suggested after failed and prolonged treatment of anti-biotics and steroid creams.

Unfortunately I only saw this young man twice before he decided to take the Roaccutane. He did improve with homeopathy and his skin became less red and inflamed and was showing signs of improvement but his main concern was he would miss future appointments with the dermatologist so he went down the Roaccutane route.   Sadly, this young man experienced a family bereavement which led to severe anxiety and suicidal thoughts and he was advised to stop the Roaccutane. He is now seeing a counsellor.

One thing to bear in mind when treating skin conditions with homeopathy is that it can take time. This is because it works from inside out and not by suppression  but once the balance within the body has been restored the effects with homeopathy should be long lasting.

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