Adults get Eczema too

I’ve recently been working with a lady, I will call her Jean* (she has given me permission to use these photos shown at the bottom and to discuss her case).

When Jean first came to me a few months ago, her skin was very sore, red, inflamed, weeping and bleeding. She was very low and fed up with her situation.  Jean’s skin flared up at the start of 2019, following a stressful time.  She was diagnosed with impetiginised eczema which covered her arms, legs and trunk.

When I work with people with skin conditions I always let them know that it won’t be an over night fix.   It takes time but the results should be lasting.  Homeopathic treatment is not suppressive and heals from within.  

As well as healing the skin I use homeopathy to restore gut health following anti-biotics and other medications. If required I may also do a homeopathic detox of certain medications. In this case so far I have used bowel nosodes alongside her constitutional treatment, which takes the whole case into consideration.

This lovely lady is now 3 months into homeopathic treatment, her skin is clearing up as you can see from the photos below. Fresh skin is gradually appearing, there is less scaling, pain and weeping. She has also told me that her bed sheets don’t have to be changed daily.

There is still some work to be done but she is fully on board with her treatment and has decided against the UV Light treatment which has been offered.  She is feeling much better and most importantly she tells me she always feels listened to during our consultations.

She waited over 6 months to see a dermatologist.  She felt disappointed when she did get an appointment because she only had 5 minutes with them and was given more medication. 

She has now been advised to have UV Light as treatment. There is no guarantee this will will help and it also comes with its own side effects.  She has declined this treatment and is continuing with her homeopathic treatment.  

If you would like to talk to me about any skin conditions please feel free to contact me using the link below.

This shows how homeopathy is healing the skin


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