Anger Issues and how Homeopathy can help you

Anger Issues?

There are many remedies that I use for anger management and anger issues. For some anger is just beneath the surface at all times and can appear at any time, others may be on the receiving end of it. I often hear from parents who tell me about their children who seem to be constantly angry and in some cases have raging outbursts, particularly parents of children with ADHD.

There are many causes of anger and these can vary from someone feeling upset or frustrated, even a small teething baby can show extreme signs of anger.  Others may have suppressed their emotions for such a long time that they can no longer hold them back so the only way out is through an angry explosion.

Anger is one of many emotions and we will all get angry at some stage in our life but it depends on how we deal with the anger.  Anger is also one of the stages of the grieving process.  If anger passes quickly and doesn’t hurt anyone or anything then no is harm done.   If however the anger is present at all times or angry outbursts turn violent and are usually over silly things then help may be required, particularly if family members or other people are living in fear.

Personality types should also be considered as some of us are quieter by nature and others are more fiery and passionate but when the anger affects relationships, family dynamics and there is even violence then it is time for some help.

If you would like to find out how I use homeopathy to help with anger issues and to help you get back into balance and on an even keel then please contact me for a free no obligation chat.