Apis – for bites and stings that swell and burn

APIS – For bites and stings that swell and burn

I recently posted about remedies that can be used for bites and stings and I didn’t go into too much detail about the remedy Apis.

Sometimes people tell me that when they get bitten, particularly when they are on holiday, the area always swells up like a balloon and becomes very puffy and painful.

If this usually happens to you then the remedy to think of is Apis and it might be worth taking this remedy away on holiday with you. It can usually be bought in good health food shops or the homeopathic pharmacy, Helios.

This remedy should be used when the area surrounding the bite swells up and it looks very red and angry. The bite will feel like it is stinging and burning and when something cold is applied it will feel much better.

This remedy is also very good for any puffiness, so if you have puffy swollen eyelids that are filled with fluid and they feel better for cold applications think of this remedy.

The key thing to remember and to think of for using this remedy is there will be lots of heat and applying cold applications will make the area feel better. Also another guiding note is the person won’t feel thirsty despite all the heat they might be feeling in their body.

This remedy is also one of the remedies that can be used for measles and mumps but only if the picture fits and a professional homeopath should be consulted if you are unsure.

If you would like to learn more about using homeopathy at home for you and your family please contact me. I run courses twice a year to give people the confidence to use homeopathic remedies at home.