Are you a worrier?

Are you a worrier?

Do you worry about everything and nothing?   Has it become a habit to worry? You are not alone. I see many people who are in a permanent state of worry usually about future things or events that may never happen.   Some worries are necessary, they help us to achieve our goals and to deal with things and these type of worries are usually solved by finding a solution.  Other worries however that consume our every waking thought might be over things that may never happen.  We constantly play the “what if” scenario over and over again in our mind, usually when we are trying to sleep.

They say that worrying about something that may or may not happen is a complete and utter waste of time, but to try and stop this habit of worrying is easier said than done, and this isn’t very comforting to someone who has a tendency to worry and is anxious.   Worries can vary from worrying about one’s health, money, children, elderly parents, a forthcoming event or a change of circumstances.

If the worries are short term then that doesn’t put too much of a stress on our bodies but we should be aware that long-term worry can lead to all kinds of health problems such as:-

  • poor sleep patterns.   Sleep is essential for our bodies to renew and rest.
  • high blood pressure, which in turn isn’t good for the heart,
  • immune system can become compromised leading to more illnesses.

If you are concerned about any worries that you may have you might be surprised to know that homeopathy can really help to settle the mind. If you would like to find out more then please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.