Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and Skin Issues

There is a link between asthma, allergies and eczema – I see this all the time in my practice.

More people want to avoid harsh medication and would like to adopt a more natural approach to their health.  I can help you do this with homeopathy.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of my recent cases

Young Boy (11) – Asthma and allergies
I started working with this boy in October. He has responded very well to his homeopathic treatment and we have now moved him to a maintenance programme where I will see him a few times a year. He has been able to reduce the use of his inhalers. He went through the winter without any visits to the hospital and his Mum is very relieved.   His Mum has now brought her daughter to see me.

Teenage Girl (14) – Allergies and Hay Fever
This is the sister of the young boy above who was experiencing mood swings and also had allergies. The remedy prescribed helped and her Mum reported back that she was so much happier and was very pleased with her treatment.

Recently, with the high pollen count and anxiety about school work she had been very wheezy and using her inhaler and taking more anti-histamines than her Mum would have liked.   Her Mum contacted me  in between appointments as she was worried about the anti-histamines and that she was having to use her inhaler far more than normal.   This was managed and with carefully selected remedies and her symptoms have improved.  Her Mum reported that after a  few hours of taking the remedy that all the family was able to go outside that evening.  She was really pleased.

Teenage Girl (13) – Asthma
I started treating this girl last September for asthma and a constant cough.  Over the months she has improved and has been able to reduce her inhaler usage.  I have seen her four times since September and she is now on a maintenance programme.   I now also help other members of her family.

Little Boy (7) – Eczema
This little boy came to see me with eczema on the back of his knees and elbows.  He also had very dry skin over the rest of his body and was constantly scratching.   He was full of energy.  He liked to swim but swimming was also making his skin worse due to the chlorinated water.  After homeopathic treatment where I did a homeopathic detox of steroids, his skin improved and cleared up.  His Mum was very happy.

Little Girl (5) – Molluscum
The parents of this little girl returned to see me after I helped her 18 months ago with sleep and separation anxiety.  Molluscum had appeared on her legs. She had been prescribed corticosteroid cream, which worked for a while but then the spots seemed to get worse. Interestingly the molluscum appeared at a time when there were some changes with her childcare. Children can sometimes be very sensitive to changes and this little girl is extremely sensitive.

I gave her a remedy and asked her parents to keep in touch.  Her symptoms got worse for a few days, which can be a normal reaction as we push the symptoms away from the inside to the outside. This can sometimes happen when skin symptoms have been suppressed with steroid creams. I was available when the parents wanted to check in with me and I was able to give them reassurance and offer advice.   The last time we spoke they reported that she was doing much better and the spots were improving.

I regularly see lots of adults and young children with varying degrees of eczema.

People are realizing that strong corticosteroid creams might work for a little bit but invariably the eczema or skin complaint comes back with a vengeance. When we apply creams we are only suppressing the symptoms, we aren’t addressing the problem.

My approach with homeopathy is to get to the root cause.   I work together with you and my aim is to get the body back into balance, clearing any allergies, improving asthma, hay fever and any issues with the skin.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation where you can ask me questions.  It’s a great way for you to find out more and to see if you would like to work with me.  Please also visit my testimonial page.

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