Is your child showing signs of back to school anxiety?

Back to School Anxiety

Talking to my clients these last few weeks thoughts are now turning to the big return to school in September and they have been making appointments to see me.

The two main reasons have been to keep their child healthy and well and secondly because they have noticed their child is showing signs of anxiety.

Signs to look out for:-

  • Complaining of tummy aches, eczema, diarrhoea
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • More clingy than normal
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in their behaviour, e.g. they may be having meltdowns or tantrums

Changes that might cause anxiety
I find that if anxieties coincide around the return to school they seem to fall into 3 categories

  • Small children starting school for the first time (reception and year 1) – they might show more signs of clinginess and problems sleeping.
  • Older children moving up to secondary school – behaviour issues might start to creep in and possible tummy aches.
  • Teenagers entering years 11 and who will be taking exams – they may complain of tummy aches, they might not be sleeping as well and their appetite can change.

Starting a new school or even moving to a new class can be traumatic for some children, whilst others may look forward to going back to school and seeing their friends again.

Very young children going to school for the first time might be wondering how they will make friends, what their teachers will be like, will they like them, they might even worry they will get lost in a large building.  It is a scary time for them and there is so much that they will be thinking and maybe worrying about.

Coping Strategies
All these thoughts and feelings are perfectly natural.

The best thing to do is to talk to them and ask them what’s worrying them. Talk them through what is worrying them and try to find some positives for them, for example if they are worried about making friends let them know that others will be feeling the same and they will also want to make friends.

If your child is still struggling and you are worried then I can help with homeopathy and I find children respond beautifully to their treatment. It is safe, gentle and non toxic.

I have helped many children (and adults) with their anxieties and have made many parents very happy.

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