Can homeopathy help my child with anxiety, stomach ache, ASD, OCD etc?

Can you treat my child’s reoccurring infections, anxiety, stomach problems etc?

I am frequently asked this question  and it appears that now more than ever children are struggling with anxieties, stomach problems, re-occurring infections, autism, OCD, ADHD. We aren’t sure why this is happening, but it is thought that the following can play a big part:

  • Emotional stress: Bullying, going to nursery or school for the first time, and bereavements all which can have an impact on a child’s health.
  • Medications: repeated antibiotics can have a huge impact on gut health and overall health as can steroids taken for conditions such as asthma, eczema or repeat infections.
  • Genetics: Sometimes a family history of anxiety, depression etc
  • Unusual susceptibility – to bacterial infection e.g. PANDAS

So when we read the list above it is hardly surprising our children are prone to far more than we ever were. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t hear a story of children being prescribed antibiotics or medication, or children who are stressed or experiencing tummy problems due to a forthcoming exam or they haven’t been quite right since their vaccinations. Surely this can’t be right?

As a homeopath whatever the reason your child might be experiencing any of the above, rather than just treating the symptom – which is rather like sticking a plaster on it – I work with you to try to find the cause. During the consultation I take time with you and take a detailed history/timeline of your child’s life, even going back to conception.

After spending time and working on the case, and no two cases are ever the same, I select a remedy for your child. A follow up consultation is not required until approximately 5 weeks after when we monitor changes and progress.  Consultations can be in person or via Skype both of which work equally well.

If you are worried about your child’s health for whatever reason and would like to have a free no obligation 15 minute chat to see how I may be able to help using homeopathy which is a safe, gentle and non toxic form of medicine please feel free to contact me.