CFS / ME Study – 3 month results

I have more energy and confidence.

At the start of November 2016 I was looking for participants to take part in a six month study on CFS / ME.   We are now three months into the study and I am really happy to report that everyone is improving on both the emotional and physical levels of this debilitating illness.

Below are some quotes following the consultations in January, the half way mark.

“I was better over Christmas and seemed to find more energy and I was able to help more.  I’ve definitely been doing more and people are noticing”.   SY, London.  

“My joint pain has nearly gone and I feel so much more positive.  My ME is better and I am able to go out with the children.  I now listen to my body and the signals.  I have stopped my medication because it was causing other symptoms.  I am more confident in myself and have stopped worrying”.  CB, Kent

“I’m incredibly well.  No dizziness and improved sleep.  I still have pain but it’s manageable”.  FD, Yorkshire

“Things don’t bother me and I am more confident and able to deal with things.  I’m more energetic and haven’t felt at all achy”.  HE, Kent

At the start of the study, I asked all participants to complete a short survey.  They were asked what their top two symptoms were and also how their overall wellbeing was.  The scale was 0 to 6.  0 being as good as it could be with 6 being as bad as it could be.  At the start most were scoring 5 to 6, now the scores are ranging from 1-3.

All participants are now able to do more than they could three months ago and are feeling so much better, but rather importantly they are now listening to their bodies, especially as their body adjusts to new energies that the homeopathy is bringing to them.

Other symptoms that have improved are reduced PMT, less painful periods and improved sleep.

Most of the consultations have been carried out via Skype with me sending the required remedies out after the consultation. I get a lot of pleasure talking to everyone each month and helping with their journey back to health and watching their progress.  There are still many improvements to be made and I will continue to work with them over the next three months to help them reach their optimum health and improve their symptoms further.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact me for an informal chat about your symptoms and how I can help you using homeopathy.