Christmas Countdown – 5 Tips for a stress free Christmas

5 tips for a stress free Christmas

Christmas can be a funny time of year because it can bring out lots of different feelings and mixed emotions.   The most common one is stress, especially for parents with young families or for people who have lost loved ones or are just alone.

There is so much pressure for Christmas to be perfect plus the financial pressures of buying the perfect gifts. I believe we put so much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect Christmas that we can forget what the real meaning of Christmas is so I thought I would share some tips to help you through the stresses of the Christmas period.

  1. Keep things simple, cross things off the list that really aren’t necessary and don’t feel you have to say yes to everything.
  2. Let go of perfection and don’t compare yourself with the Christmas films and adverts.  It isn’t about how many presents are under the Christmas tree but the love and thought they were given with.
  3. Try to get outside either alone or with all the family, this decreases anxiety and also improves sleep.
  4. Laughter especially with all the family can also help reduce stress hormones
  5. Get help and work as a team where you can, young children and family members love to be included.

Christmas, is a time for coming together, sharing and giving, quality time spent with friends and family, something that we seem to be short of in our busy lives.

But what if you find yourself alone at Christmas and are feeling sad or lonely  this will produce a different type of anxiety.  Remember Christmas is only one day. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally do, whether that is eating whatever you want, watching TV all day, going for a walk alone, just being lazy or alternatively think to the new year and plan some things that you would like to try but have always been afraid to.  Most importantly remember the loved ones who might not be present anymore and raise a glass to them.

Wishing everyone a very happy and stress free Christmas.