Chronic Fatigue / ME

Chronic Fatigue / ME

Chronic Fatigue / ME

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (post viral fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalitis ME) like it’s name suggests causes extreme fatigue and exhaustion for anyone living with this condition.   No amount of sleep or rest makes the exhaustion and other related symptoms disappear. However, if you have ever experienced chronic fatigue / ME or know someone who has you will know that it is much more than that.

An estimated 250,000 people in the UK are affected by this debilitating condition. The cause is unknown, although it has been suggested that there are links with people who have had either a viral infection such as glandular fever or a gastrointestinal viral infection earlier in their life.

Most people suffering from ME will experience many symptoms, ranging from joint pain, muscle weakness, migraines, insomnia, memory loss, food intolerances, anxiety and depression. Some people, visit their GPs time and time again but with no joy. The reason for this is should your GP carry out tests, in most cases, results come back negative and this is why living with ME is so difficult for people. Without any positive test results GPs cannot prescribe medication, although in moderate and severe cases some prescribe anti-depressants which of course produce side effects, thus adding to the problem.

Another aspect of having chronic fatigue / ME is it disrupts people’s lives, they find themselves taking lots of days off sick and social arrangements are cancelled at the last minute, not because they want to but because they just do not feel well enough. In very severe cases people don’t even leave their homes. This in turn causes anxiety. So this debilitating condition seeps into people’s lives on so many levels, it is a vicious circle and some people have lived with this condition for over 40 years.

When I see people for the first time, they like to tell me what they have, they give me a “label”. They feel that having a label for their condition means they know what they are up against and what they are dealing with.

As a homeopath I don’t actually treat “disease labels” I treat each person individually and treat what I see at the time. I take a detailed medical history and together we invariably notice links of when they started to become unwell.  Using homeopathy I work with you to heal from within using a gentle, non-toxic, chemical free and safe form of medicine.

I am currently doing a homeopathic study on Chronic Fatigue/ME and am looking for 5-10 participants to take part.  If you are interested in taking part please contact me as soon as possible to receive more details. The application phase will close on 30 November but spaces may fill up before then due to popularity.