Cold hands & feet? Raynaud’s Disease & Homeopathy

Raynaud’s Disease & Homeopathy

I recently helped a lady who had been experiencing painful fingertips from Raynaud’s Disease.

When Sandra first came to see me she complained of painful fingertips that were swollen with a limited range of movement, with dark blue hardened skin.

Sandra told me it had got progressively worse over the years but it was now bothering her more than ever, particularly as there was more swelling and pain spreading out to other fingers.

There are many homeopathic remedies that are indicated for Raynaud’s Disease but it is very important not to just treat the symptom. It is essential that the person is treated holistically. This is because the homeopathic philosophy is from inside out. We do not want symptoms to go further into the body which can be suppressive.  We see this in eczema and asthma  cases that are treated with harsh creams and steroids.

After the first consultation I prescribed Sandra with a remedy.  I also asked her to complete a diary sheet that we would discuss at her next appointment. It is very helpful to monitor any changes that occur, good or bad so during the follow up appointment we can assess the remedy action.

Follow up 1  – Approximately five weeks later Sandra returned. She had seen some improvement but the tips of some of her fingers were still painful.  They had become blistered and had changed colour to an almost blue/black. I reassessed the case and prescribed another remedy.

Follow up 2 – When Sandra returned for her second appointment she gave the remedy 8 out of 10 and was very pleased that the swelling had gone down by 80%.  The blisters had almost disappeared.

We are not there yet but Sandra is feeling much healthier and stronger on all levels.  I am confident that the improvements will continue in the right direction.

Homeopathy  treats the whole person and not just the symptom, this allows health to be restored on all levels.
For confidentiality reasons names have been changed

To find out more about the homeopathic process read my Blog about What to Expect from Homeopathic Treatment or feel free to contact me to see how I may be able to help you.

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