Confidence Issues? Worried about a forthcoming event?

upcoming-eventSomeone recently asked me to recommend a remedy to help them with confidence when riding their horse. They very kindly took the time to write the following testimonial:-

“I consulted with Tracey recently regarding my confidence issues when riding my horse. She recommended a homeopathic remedy for me to take. It is actually one I had taken years ago and had forgotten about and I remembered how it had helped me then.  Again this remedy has really helped and while I don’t take it all the time, I take it when we are facing a new situation which might be challenging.  Its nice to know that I have a bit of back up when I need it.”
Mrs J H, Lingfield, Surrey.

Homeopathy can help on so many different levels, from first aid, for example using Arnica for bruising and also in situations where we find we experience anticipatory anxiety ahead of taking an exam, riding a dressage test, a driving test or even getting on a flight.  For this particular case I prescribed Arg Nit which is a well know remedy for anticipatory anxiety.

Some anxieties can of course run deeper than that and are more deep routed and if you would like to see how if I can help you please contact me  for a free no obligation chat.

If you would like to find out more please download my Top 10 first aid homeopathic guide and start using homeopathy today for you and all the family.