I have several courses and programmes available and they can be viewed below:

Tracey at her desk

Learn how to use homeopathy for your family

This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to use homeopathy at home and to prescribe to your family for general ailments such as fevers, coughs, sickness and diarrhoea, cuts and bruises.

Tracey at her desk

Period Wisdom

If you dread your period each month this mini-training will help you to become cycle aware. You will soon understand what is happening with your body throughout the month and how you can live and work with the natural rhythms of your body.

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
Professional Complementary Practitioners

 I am a trained homeopath and not a medical Doctor. Please note that I do not make any kind of diagnosis in conventional medical terms, nor do I claim to cure any disease.  The information about homeopathy featured on this website is not a substitute for medical advice.