Do you know what is causing your migraine/headache?

Do you know what is causing your headache / migraine

I am always surprised that many people who come to see me for for their migraine pain are not aware of what triggers them.  They come to see me because they have tried everything else and as time goes on their medication becomes less effective.

85% of chronic migraine sufferers are women, which isn’t surprising, especially as fluctuations in hormones can be a trigger, particularly around periods, pregnancy or the menopause.   HRT and oral contraception can also have an impact on migraines.

I have also suffered with migraines in the past.  They began in my early 40s, a time when my hormones were beginning to change and fluctuate.

I lost my Dad to a brain tumour so when my migraines started to become more severe and frequent  I started to worry and went to see a neurologist.  He was a lovely man, easy to talk to and I immediately felt at ease with him.

During the initial consultation he began to ask me questions, to his surprise I produced a spread sheet, colour coded for severity of symptoms (mild, medium and severe), frequency and triggers.  He was immediately impressed by this level of detail and said he wished all his patients could be so thorough.  

Immediately just by looking at my colour coded spreadsheet and my triggers he confidently said he believed my headaches were definitely migraines but because of my family history he would give me a scan.  Thankfully my brain scan came back “normal” and he confirmed what he had believed and my head aches were indeed migraines.

This is the level of detail I go through when I work with women or children with migraines.  I work with you to find the pattern and triggers and over time, with carefully selected remedies,  I help to reduce your migraines.

Things that can trigger migraines are:-

  • Stress – I see this frequently with teenagers around exams and schoolwork
  • Emotions – grief, anger, upsets
  • Fluctuations in hormones (around menstruation,  pregnancy or menopause)
  • Lack of or too much sleep / Jet lag
  • Weather changes – some people are very sensitive to changes in the weather
  • Certain foods such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate
  • Dehydration – it is really important to keep as hydrated as possible.
  • Synthetic Hormones such as HRT and the oral contraceptive pill

If you experience frequent  migraines I encourage you to keep a diary of possible triggers, e.g food, menstrual cycle, stress, how long the migraines last and how often they occur.  This will help you and you may even be able to avoid the triggers going forward and even eliminate your migraines.

I have listed some homeopathic remedies here that may help you.  Alternatively, if you would like my professional help please book a free call.  

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