Endometriosis when you are offered surgery but told it may affect your fertility

Endometriosis and homeopathy

Endometriosis when you are offered surgery but told it may affect your fertility.

I help women who are looking for a natural approach for their endometriosis symptoms. If you have endometriosis you may have been passed from pillar to post because you are in constant pain and want help. It can take up to 7 years to get a diagnosis only to be told there is no cure and treatments are medication, hormones and or surgery.

This week I signed off a lady, who when she first came to me, was in absolute agony each month. When she first came to me, she was waiting for more tests and a treatment plan. She had already been waiting for over a year. She had been diagnosed with moderate endometriosis (stage III).

This lady lost 3 days from her life every month due to severe pain. She would be unable to do very much other than stay at home relying on friends to help her during this time. She also experienced severe constipation, nausea, exhaustion and sciatic pain, very rarely able to move from the bathroom floor. She had a demanding role at work that she loved and to take time away from work made her feel anxious and miserable.

Throughout her treatment as her symptoms improved I adapted her remedies. The main priority was for her to feel more comfortable each month but at the same time helping her other symptoms and supporting her emotionally.

Each month she reported an improvement, her pain reduced and she was gradually able to do more. As her symptoms continued to improve I spread her appointments out to every 3 months. During her last appointment she told me that she hadn’t even written any notes for her last period “in fact I didn’t even notice it and was able to carry on”.

During this time, she had seen her consultant to go through the results of a scan. He suggested they operate and remove scar tissue from a previous procedure but when she asked about the impact on her fertility he couldn’t give her any guarantees. It was at this point she decided against any future procedures and told him that homeopathy had done more for her in the last year than any previous treatments. She has now moved to maintenance treatment with me and I will see her once to twice a year.

This lady’s life not only improved but changed on so many levels. She applied for a new role and is excelling especially as she has so much more energy and vitality. Imagine being pain free every month and able to live your life fully without having to cancel work or social plans.

I encourage the ladies I work with to keep a careful note of their symptoms so we can monitor at each follow up. We look at what has changed and what still needs to be done. You are involved in your care every step of the way. I do not use any standard protocols, after all you are an individual and whilst the medical diagnosis might be “endometriosis”, each person experiences their symptoms differently. No two cases are the same.

During the time we work together I will help you to look at your diet and to choose foods that will help bring down any inflammation which will also help reduce your symptoms.

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