Finding the joy in the menopause

Why is the menopause the world’s best secret?

Finding the joy of the menopause

The world’s best kept secret – finding the joy in the menopause

I have been helping women to find the joy with their menstrual cycles and peri-menopause symptoms for many years.  One thing that stands out is how much fear a woman has when she is approaching the menopause.

There is so much negativity surrounding the menopause.   It has also sadly become medicalised.  A visit to the GP for anxiety, mood swings, weight gain or hot flushes usually ends up with women of a certain age being told “you are going through the menopause”.   They will more than likely be given two choices:-

  • HRT and / or
  • anti-depressants.

The menopause doesn’t just happen over-night you don’t wake up one morning and find yourself  “in the menopause”.   There are gradual changes that take place over a period of time, in some cases over 2-10 years.  This time is known as the peri-menopause.

Initially women might not realise that some of the subtle changes happening to them could be peri-menopause symptoms.  For example, they may be experiencing anxiety over something that wouldn’t have previously worried them;  their sleep may be disturbed due to restless legs or muscle tension.  Some women may even develop allergies or food intolerances.

The more a woman is in tune with her body the easier her menopause will be.   This is because as changes begin to occur she will be able to notice them and adapt her diet, healthcare and exercise routine accordingly.

For a healthy and trouble-free menopause I encourage women to be as healthy as they possible.  This can be achieved with regular exercise, it doesn’t have to be high impact, in fact walking, gentle yoga or pilates are perfect during this time.  A good diet eating lots of phyto-oestrogens, clean eating, reducing coffee, alcohol and spicy foods as much as possible (these stimulants can contribute to hot flushes) will all help with the transitional period.

The peri-menopause is a transitionary period and it will pass. It is not a medical condition.  This is so important for women to understand.  I also believe the menopause is a privilege especially as some women don’t even reach menopause due to illness.

This is the perfect time for women to rediscover themselves, take up new hobbies, travel and be who they were always meant to be.  It can be a very special time of life if you allow it.

It really is possible to find the joy in the menopause.  It is up to women to choose how they want to enter this next stage.  I encourage all women to embrace the menopause and I hope you enjoy this quote as much as I do.

by L Kenton, from Passage to Power

“The joy of the menopause is the world’s best secret.
Like venturing through the gateway to enter the ancient temple.
In order to claim that joy, a woman must be willing to pass beyond the monsters who guard it’s gate . .
As thousands of women from all cultures throughout history have whispered to each other, it is the most exciting passage a woman ever makes”.

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