Grief of a Miscarriage

Following on from my recent blog about grief I wanted to write about a grief that isn’t easily talked about and seems to be a taboo subject.  

Grief of a Miscarriage.

The grief following a miscarriage is a deeply distressing experience for a woman (or couple) to cope with.  This is because women and couples usually only share their news following the 12 week scan so not many people will be aware of the pregnancy.

A miscarriage can leave a woman feeling lonely and isolated.  She might even blame herself wondering if she could have done things differently. The majority of miscarriages can’t be prevented, although the risk can be prevented by not smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs whilst pregnant.

Following a miscarriage some women may choose to tell their close friends or family and if they do they might be surprised to hear the words “yes that also happened to me”.  This can be reassuring to someone that has just experienced a loss.

As well as the emotional pain, there will also be hormonal changes to cope with and if you are a woman reading this you will know how powerful our hormones can be.

The true statistics of how many women actually experience a miscarriage isn’t really known, particularly as many occur before a woman is even aware that she might be pregnant but statistics report that 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage.  A miscarriage is an early pregnancy loss and about 80% of miscarriages happen during the first trimester (0-13 weeks).  It is thought that only 2% occur in the second trimester.

Over the years I’ve helped many women with period pains, PMT and menopause symptoms and when taking their medical history it comes as no surprise that many have experienced a miscarriage at some point in their life.    Sometimes there is still a deep grief remaining.  For some it is painful to share this with me and for others I can see it is a relief to tell me, even if it happened many years ago.  I take this into consideration when deciding on a remedy to give them even if they are seeing me for an entirely different problem because this will have had an impact on their general wellbeing and health.

If their loss is recent I will use homeopathic remedies to help rebuild the health of the endometrium which will assist and help with any future pregnancies.  I will also encourage them to join a support group and most importantly to be very kind to themselves.

More high profile people are speaking out about their own experiences and In Becoming Michelle, Michell Obama shares her devastating story as did Meghan Markle recently.

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