Growing Pains and Temper Tantrums all gone

Growing Pains and Temper Tantrums All gone

I recently had the pleasure of helping a lovely 6 year old girl.  Her Mum brought her to see me because she was experiencing growing pains.   The pains were excruciating and would wake her up in the night. Some nights they were so bad that she the only thing that would help her would be if her Mum put her in a warm bath.  Not ideal when everyone should be sleeping.

This little girl was very active and after swimming or dance lessons or other activities her thighs would ache and hurt.  Particularly her left one.

During the consultation her Mum also told me that she had a bad temper on quite a big scale.   Her sleep had never been very good and she would not go to sleep unless her Mum or Dad was in the room with her and making contact while she nodded off.  Very rarely would she sleep the whole night through.

Her Mum had been giving her Magnesium.   This initially helped with the growing pains but then the dosage gradually increased and was no longer effective.

I prescribed some remedies to take into account all the things that we had discussed during the consultation (sleep, growing pains, temper tantrums).    I also asked her to stop the magnesium.

Six weeks later she returned for her follow up appointment.  In her Mum’s words“it was like a switch had been flicked”.  She told me that she no longer had temper tantrums and on the first night of taking the remedy she slept in her own bed all night, something she had not done for a very long time.  She also told me that she felt like she had her little girl back who now apologized if she had done something wrong.

I asked about the growing pains. “Oh yes these stopped during the first week or so”.

I have recently received an e.mail update and the little girl’s sleep continues to improve.

This is how I help children and adults.  I look at ALL the symptoms and work with the whole person and prescribe accordingly.  I love how children respond to homeopathy and their remedies.

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