Have you ever taken the pill and would like to detox?

Have you ever taken the pill?

Have you ever taken the pill?

Have you ever taken the pill and would like to detox?  This can be done using homeopathy.

I see many women in my practice who like myself have taken the pill in the past. They usually seek help because they are experiencing depression, mood swings, PMS, ovarian cysts, fibroids, painful periods or may even be trying to start a family.

Using homeopathy I work with them to rebalance their hormones. One of the methods I am using more frequently alongside constitutional prescribing is to do a homeopathic detox of the pill.

The pill is a synthetic hormone and because it works on the whole of the endocrine system it causes lots of disruption to our bodies which will continue long after we stop taking the pill.

I’ve recently been helping a lovely lady who has been trying to get pregnant and at her last consultation I decided to do a detox of the pill, which she hasn’t taken for many years. She has PCOS and has always felt her body wasn’t reacting how it should, cycles as long as 70 days if at all.   She is currently doing an 8 week pill detox and I have also prescribed her constitutional remedy which takes into account her individual symptoms that are unique to her.  Today she sent me the following message:-

Oh my word, Tracey! Those remedies are definitely doing something. I’ve been all over the place this week . . . . feeling anxious like a failure, low self esteem, really cross, knackered, bit of pain too. Today cycle has started on day 40. The lead up to it has been awful. I’ve had every symptom, which is GOOD because I normally don’t get any! I’ve even got spots”.

It is important to note that whilst most people wouldn’t see this as an improvement, she is very happy because she has been without any symptoms for many years and as a result she has hated her body for not working how it should. I’ve never known anyone to be that happy about getting spots but what we should realise is the healing process is taking place.

We now have a reaction and all the above symptoms show that the remedy is acting and working. She is only half way through the detox but as she progresses through it I expect the symptoms to improve, the negative effects of the pill will be cleared, her hormones will be rebalanced and hopefully other things will start to happen.

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