Have you lost your confidence?

You are not alone.  In the past year I have seen more women and children than ever before who feel they have lost their self-confidence.

Have you lost your confidence?

Have you lost your confidence?

Each case I see is very different and I always ask when you started to feel this way. Some people tell me that their confidence has gradually eroded over time and others will tell me it’s because of a certain event or something that happened to them.

The key, if possible, is to try to identify what the reason is or when you began to notice changes.

Some of the reasons could be:-

  • Menopause – this can play a huge part in how a woman feels about herself.
  • Separation / divorce
  • A recent bereavement
  • Job changes e.g redundancy or a new job/role
  • Following an illness / accident
  • Since working from home alone and being isolated

Most people tell me “I didn’t used to be like this”.

Lockdowns and isolation have also contributed to people feeling this way.  Things that you could do easily before covid became a little bit more complicated.  For example, when restrictions gradually lifted in 2021 most things had to be booked in advance.   Spontaneity was a thing of the past, for example, an afternoon to the National Trust involved booking a slot way before you wanted to go, in some cases not only weeks but months in advance.  So now if someone gets a last minute invitation that can send them into overwhelm and panic.

So how do can you reclaim your confidence?

I’ve shared some tips and homeopathic remedies below and I hope they help you.

  • Try to change how you feel – picture yourself as you were before you started to feel this way
  • Get up, dress up and show up even if you are staying at home – when you feel good about yourself you will feel more confident
  • Get your hair done or treat yourself to a pamper session
  • Share your thoughts / feelings with someone
  • Set yourself a weekly goal that slightly pushes you out of your comfort zone

There are many homeopathic remedies that can also help with confidence issues and I’ve listed four remedies that may help you.  This list is not exhaustive as there are over 200 homeopathic remedies that can help with lack of confidence

Gelsemium – this remedy can be used if you are feeling anxious about an upcoming event or something you have to do.  You might feel weak and shakey and might not be able to sleep very well.

Lycopodium – you will have low self esteem and confidence but will try to cover it up with a false sense of bravado and you might find you are talking a lot. You may also be experiencing with tummy pains / upsets.

Pulsatilla – the key here is insecurity. You may have a lot of self-doubt and will feel shy in most situations.  You will constantly be looking for support and encouragement.

Silica – You might feel emotionally sensitive and anxious before new things preferring to stay at home, cancelling things at the last minute.

If you are experiencing other symptoms such as anxiety, tummy pains, low self esteem, menopause symptoms it is always best to consult with a professional homeopath who will be able to help you on a much deeper level and match you to the perfect remedy.

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