Healing from Inside Out

Healing from the Inside Out

Today’s topic is healing from inside out and what happens if we suppress symptoms.

Sometimes I receive a message asking me if I can prescribe a remedy for a certain condition and the answer is usually yes I can.  However, we should first understand that there are two types of illness; acute and chronic.  Acute illnesses tend to occur suddenly such as colds and ‘flu and these will eventually disappear. Chronic complaints are low lying, constantly there in the background with flare-ups, for example anxiety, depression, hay fever, lingering coughs or asthma.

I am always happy to prescribe remedies for an acute condition e.g. fever, tooth ache, travel sickness, colds etc and people often call or message me and I advise what they should take.  However, I always advise that anything considered to be a chronic condition is best treated by having a consultation. This enables me to prescribe a constitutional remedy, which is especially chosen for that person and their ailment. By prescribing constitutionally, the results are far more effective, successful and long lasting.

I was recently asked to prescribe a remedy for asthma. I was happy to do this but not without giving a full consultation, otherwise it is just using a sticking plaster and doesn’t address and heal the cause of the problem. In fact it only suppresses symptoms, which in the long run can cause further complications.

I use the example below to give a very simple example of suppression and what can happen.

A baby has nappy rash and its mother applies cream that she considers to be gentle. In some cases the rash will disappear but in other cases the cream can cause further irritation, the rash becomes worse and the worried mother takes her young baby to the Drs who then prescribes stronger cream and rather than it make the rash better it pushes it further into the baby’s body. The rash of course disappears and the baby is better for a while, but a few weeks or months later, eczema usually makes its first appearance, steroid creams are then prescribed, suppressing symptoms even further into the body. Later down the line the first signs and symptoms of asthma start to appear.   The suppression has pushed the disturbance further into the body towards the lungs.

I recently used this example and someone with a teenage daughter said that is exactly what had happened with her daughter and she had never made the connection. Her daughter’s eczema is still with her 14 years later and is causing her many problems because she is now at the age of being very self-conscious.  She also has an inhaler for asthma.

The philosophy of healing with homeopathy is to heal from the inside out,  pushing symptoms out and away from important internal organs.  Using homeopathic medicine I prescribe a chosen remedy to match the person and the presenting symptoms. The remedy encourages the body to work how it should. It gradually pushes the symptoms outward where it should eventually leave the body and this is exactly the result I want to see.

This philosophy applies on all levels and is the same with our emotional health. If we bury and ignore our feelings they go deeper inside, feelings that aren’t dealt with manifest elsewhere. Over time, our immune system gets weaker and we become more susceptible to colds, sickness and other illnesses, anti-biotics are then usually prescribed, which with prolonged use causes stomach upsets and more medication will be required. Some might feel they have difficulty coping with every day life and will be prescribed anti-depressants numbing down feelings even further. It is just a long circle of medication after medication.

I find that most people don’t want to take medication but are not aware that there are alternatives available. Homeopathy is a healthy alternative for health on all levels both physical and emotional and it shouldn’t be considered a last resort which unfortunately is often the case.

If you would like to find out more about healing from inside out using homeopathy please feel free to contact me and further information can be found in The Top 10 First Aid Remedy Guide which has useful prescribing information to help in acute cases.