Heartburn – how homeopathy helped.

How Homeopathy helped my heartburn

James* a young man in his early 30s came to see me because of his ongoing heartburn.

He had been taking Omeprazole daily for the last two years and prior to that he had been getting through many packets of Rennie’s for four years. His girlfriend was very health conscious and was concerned about the long-term effect the medication would have on his health.

His heartburn would occur every time he had eaten throughout the day and every night as soon as he lay down to go to sleep so he always felt the need to always take the medication.  He also had to avoid spicy food.

James had a job that required him to get up very early during the week.   He told me that his job didn’t stress him out. He was very organized and took everything in his stride.   Other than his heartburn symptoms James was very healthy.

When someone is taking medication daily and depending on what the medication is, the process of stopping any medication has to be done very gradually, and in some cases under the supervision of their GP.

With this in mind I prescribed James’ remedy in a tincture format and asked him to take a few drops daily until we had his symptoms under control and we would then look at gradually cutting back his medication.

When James came back for his follow up treatment approximately 5 weeks later he told me that he had decided to stop taking his medication after a few days of seeing me because he wanted to know if the homeopathic medicine was working. He reported that after the first week his symptoms had subsided and he had also started to reintroduce some spicy food to his diet.

I have now reduced the frequency of the tincture and he is currently taking it every few days, the frequency will then move to every 4 days and then weekly, gradually continuing to reduce until he shouldn’t need to take it at all.

James has not taken Omeprazole since December.

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*For confidentiality reasons names have been changed.