Help – I’ve had a scan but I’m still worried

I've had a scan but I'm still worried

I’ve had a scan but I’m still worried

I’ve recently been helping Mary*, a young mother who has been experiencing deep rooted anxiety over her health.

When Mary came to see me her main cause of concern was around some pelvic pain that she had been experiencing. She informed me that she had been to her GP who had sent her for a scan and this confirmed everything was okay and clear.

This didn’t however stop Mary from worrying. In fact each time she got any pains, new or old she would always fear the worse. This caused her to worry and panic and consumed her every thought.

I have worked with Mary over the last six months. I have prescribed different remedies every step of the way and at each follow up appointment Mary has made steady progress.  Not only have her physical symptoms improved but her anxieties have reduced and are much easier for her to manage.

I am now fine-tuning Mary’s treatment to help her with her remaining anxiety and I am also working with her to help to raise her energy levels.   My aim is to get Mary to a good level of health and ideally for her anxiety to disappear altogether.

When we are worried about our health or keep stressing over a problem our minds can go into overdrive as we imagine all the possible scenarios and things that might be wrong with us, particularly if we Google our symptoms.  Also when we are in a permanent state of stress and worry this can cause our cortisol levels to rise which over the longterm time may cause adrenal fatigue.

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*Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.