Help with Painful and Irregular Periods

Painful and irregular periods

Claire* (NB: Name changed for confidentiality reasons) came to see me for painful and irregular periods. She was in her early 30s and she and her husband were now beginning to think about starting a family.

As well as the pain and irregularity of her periods she never knew if or when she was ovulating.

During her consultation I asked Claire about her cycle and it was averaging at about 48 days.  She told me that when her period arrived she would have to spend the first day in bed because she felt totally wiped out and the cramps were crippling.

She was fed up of not feeling in control of her body.  Claire had a demanding job which she loved. She was highly organized with a team of 6 people and was used to everything running like clockwork so found this extremely frustrating, especially when she had to take time off.

During the consultation she told me that she had taken the pill for 15 years but stopped it a year ago and had only had about 4-5 periods since.

She had been to her GP for some tests but she was very reluctant to go down the route they were suggesting.

She came to see me because she was looking for a natural solution to her problem.  She also didn’t want to make a big deal of it but wanted to fix things if it was possible.

I saw Claire for a total of 6 appointments in which time her periods regulated and she no  longer had to go to bed on the first day of her period.  She began to ovulate and became aware of when this was happening.

She told me that she felt more in control and  that she and her husband were now in a good place and were ready to try and start their family.  The important thing was that they didn’t feel stressed about it which she said they would have done if they had gone down the more conventional route of tests and hormonal drugs.

When I see women who have been on the pill for a long time their hormones and endocrine system may have been disrupted as was the case with Claire. Some women stop the pill and can begin to have regular periods almost immediately but others find it takes a bit longer.

Homeopathy offers a natural approach. If you have painful or irregular periods and would like to discuss this with me please take advantage of my Free 20 minute chat where you can ask me questions.   Book here to arrange free 20 min chat.