Helping babies with homeopathy

Helping babies with homeopathy

Helping babies with homeopathy

I recently met with Janet Penny from Hushabye Photography.   Janet spends her time taking the most adorable pictures of newborns and older babies.

The babies always look so angelic and peaceful but Janet told me that it can sometimes take a lot of time to capture that angelic look.

One photo in particular caught my eye, this is because the baby had fallen asleep with its bum in the air.  This is a common sleep position for many babies and can sometimes help me to decide what remedy to give to a baby for a certain condition if other symptoms match.

If you have used homeopathy before you will know that it is a system of medicine that is individualised and a homeopath will work with the person and not the “disease” label for example eczema, allergies.

BUT how does that work with young babies who can’t yet talk?  You would be surprised at how much information I can glean from asking the mum questions and also observation of the baby.

My first question is always to ask about the pregnancy and how the birth was. This can have an impact on both the mum and baby.  I sometimes find that babies who were delivered by an emergency C-section or taken away from their mother at birth for emergency checks can sometimes be very anxious and clingy and might not settle.  I take all this information into consideration when working out a remedy for each individual baby that I see.

Some of the other things I will ask or observe are:-

How the baby sleeps, especially the position, whether the baby likes to be wrapped up or do they kick off their covers.  Are they restless?  How long do they sleep for?

How does the baby feed?  Are they hungry and demanding or do they feed quietly. If breastfeeding do they prefer a certain side.  How often do they want to be fed?  Do they perspire when feeding or sleeping and if so where?  Does the baby pass wind, urine or stool during or after feeding?

How often do they cry? What happens when they cry?  Are they angry, do they become red faced or do they just cry quietly.

How is their skin?  Is it red, dry, flakey or itchy?

Do they like baths or will they resist going into water?

What are their nappies like?  Stool – texture and colour?

Do they appear constipated?

Are they alert or laidback?

I also take into account the colour of their eyes, hair and skin.

As you can see there is so much information I can glean from both the mother and baby that it enables me to find a remedy perfectly suited to each baby.

For example, if they are laidback and sit and watch everything that is going on around them and are happy to amuse themselves Calc Carb might be a good remedy for them (if other symptoms fit).  If they cry a lot and don’t want to be left alone Pulsatilla might be better for them.

I help Mums and babies with numerous ailments ranging from silent reflux, constipation, colic, sleep, allergies, eczema, coughs etc.   Many parents want to give their babies the best start in life and want to avoid medication wherever possible and this is when they might seek the help of a homeopath.

If you would like to use homeopathy for your family but aren’t sure what it entails or if it’s right for you I offer a Free 20 minute call.

I also run an on-line home prescribing course so you can become familiar with remedies to prescribe at home for fevers, coughs and colds.  You can find out more here.

If you live in the Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas and are interested in professional photos of your baby then Janet’s website can be found here.

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