Helping Children Overcome Fears and Anxieties with Homeopathy

Is your child scared of thunderstorms?

Alex* was first brought to see me last Winter by his Mum,   she has been extremely pleased with his progress particularly with his allergies and asthma. This week she sent me a text and said the following:





“Just thought I’d let you know, during the thunderstorm yesterday I was able to leave Alex alone in the house whilst I rushed out to get his sister. I gave him the option of coming with me but he was happy to stay at home and he said “I’m not scared of the thunder anymore”. He also slept really well and didn’t need me to stay with him.  I just love all the work you do and am so grateful. How all these symptoms are linked and love seeing these results. Thank you.”

Alex’s Mum has been on board with treatment right from the start, regularly attending follow up appointments gradually seeing improvements in his symptoms.  Alex is now on a maintenance programme with me and continues to improve.

When people book for a consultation they don’t always appreciate that homeopathy acts on so many levels both physical and emotional. I tailor remedies to match each individual I see because we are all different.

It is not necessary to take lots of tablets for various ailments. Homeopathy is safe, natural and non toxic and gradually stimulates the immune system to work as it should.  

If you are worried about your child I offer a free introductory call where you can ask me questions and find out what to expect from homeopathy and working with me.

I know many children become anxious returning back to school in September especially if they are starting a new school. So feel free to give me a call.

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