Helping Children through Puberty

Going through puberty and how homeopathy can help

Lots of physical changes happen to a child’s body when it begins to mature to an adult body and this can be a tough time both physically and emotionally for boys and girls.

Some of the things that children might experience through puberty are:-

Lots of changes are happening during puberty as hormones course through the child’s body. This will be totally new to them and some may find that they are unable to control how they are feeling.  So a young girl who was once very meek and yielding can suddenly turn into a screeching banshee with lots of tantrums and tears. This will come as much as a surprise to her as to her parents.  She might also start to feel something is wrong with her.

All these changes aren’t just experienced by girls, boys will also be going through something very similar.  They will begin to feel more self-conscious, especially as they may find they are under peer pressure to try new things that they may not be ready for.  As with girls, the hormones will be coursing through their bodies and they will start to have sexual feelings.

All in all it can be a worrying time for both children going through this and also for their parents.  What we have to remember is it is a natural transition from childhood to adulthood.  If however, it is causing problems such as anxieties, depression, sleep problems or eating disorders then it is probably better to seek help.   Homeopathy is a very gentle system of medicine that will help them young children with this transition into adulthood and I find that children and young adults respond to homeopathy beautifully.

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