Highlights from my week as a homeopath – helping you to feel better

Highlights from my week as a homeopath & how I help people to feel better.

Highlights from my week as a homeopath & how I help people to feel better.

This week has been a varied and busy week helping both men ,women and children of all ages to feel better and here are some snippets:-

Case 1 – Anxiety in a little 3 year old girl (via Skype)
This little girl was experiencing anxieties on the days she was attending pre-school. She would become really upset and distraught. I had helped her sister a few weeks back with sleep problems so her Mum whilst being new to homeopathy was confident I could help.

Her Mum has e-mailed me to say she has noticed a change already.   A perfect outcome and as it is early days I am hoping she will continue to improve further.

Case 2 – Breast Cancer – Tamoxifen Homeopathic Detox (via Skype)
This lady lives in Europe and was recommended by another lady that I have helped in the past. She has been taking Tamoxifen for 5 years following breast cancer. Her GP wanted her to continue taking it for another 5 years which she wasn’t keen to do. She has stopped taking the Tamoxifen and wanted a more natural way to support her.  She also wants me to detox her from the Tamoxifen. For the first month I prescribed remedies to support her liver and kidneys and now we have begun with the homeopathic detox.

Case 3 – Boy aged 11 with Asthma & Allergies (via Skype)
This young boy started seeing me in October. He usually becomes very sick during winter and it is normal for him to spend a short time in hospital.  His Mum is very happy with his treatment as this winter he has only had 2 days sick from school and no hospital stays.  His Mum is now bringing his older sister to see me.

Case 4 – Male Patient with Gout (via Skype)
This man came to me because he had very painful gout and his GP wanted to put him on daily medication. I started helping him last year and his gout symptoms improved. I haven’t seen him for a few months but he made an appointment to see me this week. His job takes him all around the world and he told me his energy has been low.  He wanted me to help him as he noticed a change in his overall health and energy when he was seeing me last year.

Case 5 – 3 year old with constant cough (in person)
This little boy has had a constant cough on and off for the past few months, usually following colds. He also has some issues around eating certain foods.   Early days yet but I’m confident the remedy prescribed will help him to feel better on all levels. We shall wait and see.

Case 6 – Depression & Anger (via Skype)
I helped this lady with PTSD last year. At each consultation new emotions have surfaced as we return her to good health. She tells me that she is much calmer and happier in herself but still feels she has things to work on. As well as the physical side of things homeopathy also supports us emotionally. It is very gentle and because it is non toxic it allows the body to heal naturally and at its own pace and this is what is happening here.

As you can see from the varied cases above I can help you and your family to feel better. I can see you in person or via Skype and it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.  So if you are worried about something or would like a more natural approach to your family’s health without the worry of side effects please feel free to contact me.

I offer a FREE 20 minute no obligation call during which time you have the opportunity to see if you will be comfortable working with me.