Hip Replacements they’re for old ladies aren’t they?

Hip replacements they’re for old ladies aren’t they?  I recently underwent hip replacement surgery and if I had a £1 for every time someone said  “but you’re too young”, I swear I would be rich by now.

Hip replacements they’re for old ladies aren’t they?

I too, thought that hip replacements were for old ladies and it had never crossed my mind that I needed to have one.  One thing I did know is after numerous falls from horses over the years I was aware that something wasn’t quite right and I had done some damage.

Over the last 6 years I have worked hard with my physio, osteopath and even tried Bowen therapy.  They all helped but they couldn’t undo the damage that was there but I was adamant I didn’t want to have an operation.

Why? Numerous reasons, hip replacements were for old ladies, operations were inconvenient, painful and I think it goes back to having had my tonsils out aged 8 after which every cold went to my chest.  I found the experience very traumatic but I guess staying in hospital for 5 days without your parents was never going to be a happy experience.

In June I made the decision to see a consultant.  He sent me for an x-ray and confirmed that I had severe degenerative osteoarthritis in my right hip.  It was bone on bone and my body had adapted a way to walk without causing too much pain but at the same time it was putting stresses on other parts of my body such as knees, back and left hip and whilst my riding wasn’t affected too badly my daily walks were getting much shorter.  I was not getting better, in fact I was going downhill.

I had 3 options open to me:-

  1. Continue as I was
  2. Have a steroid injection
  3. Have an operation

Numbers 1 and 2 weren’t really options for me personally.  In my view steroids just mask the pain and wear off and don’t help the long-term problem.  I decided to go for Option 3.

I have known other people that have undergone hip surgery and they said it transformed their life and they wished they’d done it much sooner.  I constantly asked myself if I would also be able to say the same. I just couldn’t imagine walking normally and being pain free ever again.  I had lived with it for so long.  My whole body had become twisted.  Some people that I’d not known for long thought I’d been born like it.

It was not a decision I made lightly.  I had been researching hip operations for the last few years, the downside, the risks, their impact, what you could and couldn’t do afterwards.  In the end it had got so bad that I had to do something and my main deciding factor was I would begin to go uphill and not downhill.  I have always had a good level of fitness and didn’t want to become inactive which was gradually happening.

It is still early days and I’m only on Day 20 of my recovery so still haven’t had my 6 week follow up with my consultant, but the physios are pleased with my progress and the nurse was pleased with my wound healing.  I put this down to using homeopathy and of course a great surgical team.

Most importantly I am happy with my progress and can see daily improvements so I am hopeful that it will be uphill from hereon in.  Day by day I am able to do more.

When I was discharged from the hospital I came away with up to 12 painkillers to take a day.  I didn’t feel that I was in pain but I wasn’t sure if that was because I was taking lots of pain killers or if my body wasn’t in pain.  After just one day of being home I stopped taking them because I didn’t need them.  I am in awe of our bodies ability to heal after trauma.  Our bodies are truly are amazing if we allow them.

I have however used homeopathic remedies to help with my healing.  I’ve mainly used a combination remedy known as Surgery Mix.  It can be obtained from good homeopathic pharmacists such as Helios or Ainsworths.

The combination consists of:-

Arnica – promotes healing and helps to reduce bruising after surgery
Bellis Perennis – pain from trauma and bruising to the deeper tissues
Calendula helps reduce bleeding from lacerations, promotes healing and reduces the risk of infection.
Hypericum – helps with infection and helps with any shooting pains
Staphisagria – helps scars to heal following surgery

It’s amazing that once I started to talk about my hip replacement it became clear that so many people have had this operation.   It also seems to be much more common in women.  I’m not sure if there is much research on this but I really think more should be done in this area.   My consultant said “blame the parents” as it was hereditary, surely wear and tear must also play a part, could menopause and bone degeneration also play a part?

If you are interested in homeopathy and would like to learn more about and how you can use it for common ailments why not join my on-line course.  I first got into homeopathy through using Arnica funnily enough after falling from a horse almost 30 years ago.  Who knew that I would go on to study homeopathy and make a career out of it.

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