Homeopath Diaries – Tired Mums, Hormonal Imbalances, Coughs and Night Terrors

Here is a little snapshot of some of my cases during the last week or so:-

Exhausted and tired All the time?

Female – Exhaustion & Panic Attacks
This lady came to me a few months back because she felt drained and tired all the time. She is also peri-menopausal and was experiencing some panic attacks. During the case taking it was clear that her endocrine system was slightly out of sync so I gave her remedies that helped with this. She now has more energy and this last month didn’t experience any panic attacks. She is in a much better place physically and emotionally.

Recurring Croup – 1 and 3 year old
These young children have suffered with croup from an early age and have had loads of anti-biotics but still no improvement in their symptoms. The eldest child usually has croup almost all year round.   They have responded exceptionally well to their remedies. Their Mum is working with me to strengthen their immune system with homeopathy and the older child is currently working through a homeopathic detox of the anti-biotics.

Blocked Tear Duct – 5 month old baby
A mum that I’ve been helping casually mentioned her 5 month old boy and that he had a blocked tear duct.   He had this almost since birth and had been on numerous anti-biotics with no improvement. I sent her a remedy for him and within two days his eye cleared up. She is over the moon. This demonstrates how quickly children respond to their remedies. At some point we will detox his system from all the anti-biotics.

Reducing Medication
I’ve been working with quite a few ladies that have been experiencing panic attacks and have routinely been prescribed medication such as Citalapram. I work with them to get them feeling less anxious and confident. They then taper their medication so it is reduced – this is done with the help of their GP. I make sure they know they can contact me should they need to. It takes time but they feel supported throughout with the homeopathy and the support I offer.

Night Terrors – 3 year old
I saw a lovely little boy via Skype this week. He had been experiencing night terrors and whilst night terrors can be a common problem in young children it can be distressing for parents and their siblings. Homeopathy can really help with night terrors and sleep disorders in children and because it is non toxic it is totally safe for children to take. I am confident that this little boy will start to feel better very soon.

Homeopathy Course for Beginners
Last weekend I ran a course to give people the confidence to prescribe to their families in acute situations, such as cuts, bruises, coughs, tummy aches, accidents etc. The course went really well. All participants received an 18 Remedy Kit and we went through the individual remedies.  Feedback was positive

  • “great value for money”,
  • “perfect venue”,
  • “lots of useful information”.

I will be running another course in the Springtime 2019 and if you would like to attend please let me know.

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