Homeopathic Diaries – A day in the Life of a Homeopath

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a day in the life of a homeopath so I thought I would share a few recent cases from my homeopathic diaries.   
NB: For confidentiality reasons some of the names and details have been changed.

Homeopathic Diaries - A Day In the Life of a Homeopath

Homeopathic Diaries – Working out cases to carefully select a remedy for each individual

Female – pregnant, nausea, fainting and dizziness
I’ve been working with this lady for various symptoms over the years and she recently contacted me to tell me she is pregnant but was having a difficult time. She was feeling nauseas, dizzy and had also fainted.  She has a homeopathic kit at home so I was able to let her know what remedy to take.  I then posted out some further remedies based on her overall symptoms.  She messaged me this week to say she is feeling much better and more like herself.  I prescribed a homeobotanical blend especially for sickness in pregnancy and Nat Mur which fitted her overall symptoms perfectly.  Homeopathy is fantastic for expectant Mums because it is gentle and non toxic.   She contacted me shortly after to tell me she is feeling more like her old self and much better.

Female, aged 9 – anxiety.
This young girl was experiencing separation anxiety and didn’t want to be away from her family home for extended periods.   She is a very sociable little girl and so much wanted to join her friends for sleepovers but each time she tried to stay away she would call her Mum to come and collect her.  With the help of homeopathy she has now stayed away from home and this has done so much for her overall confidence.

Young Boy aged 8 –  nervous tics when anxious
This boy recently developed nervous tics especially when he was feeling anxious.   His Mum didn’t want to make a big deal of it but she was a little bit concerned.  She contacted me and asked if I was able to help.  I only needed to see this boy once and shortly after taking his remedies the nervous tics disappeared.

Female late 40s – hot flushes and depression.
This lady came to see me a few months back because she was experiencing depression and hot flushes during the day and night.  The daytime flushes didn’t bother her as much as the night-time ones which interfered with her sleep.  The constant waking during the night was making her feel very tired and irritable.  After just a couple of consultations she told me that her hot flushes have totally disappeared.    Her overall mood has also improved and she is keen to continue working with me to improve this even more especially as she has already seen huge benefits. 

Female late 30s – Candida and repeated UTI’s.  (Urinary tract infections).
I had not seen this lady for almost over a year but recently she noticed she was getting frequent infections so she booked a follow up consultation.  A lot had happened to her during the year, she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  I am pleased to say that homeopathy helped with her conception.  After her consultation I advised what remedies she could take from her kit and then posted further remedies to work at a deeper level.  I also cleared the anti-biotics she had previously been given by her GP.  She has called me this week to say everything is much better.

Male 50s – Crohns Disease
This man came to me after I helped his daughter many years ago.   His symptoms have improved each time I’ve seen him and his treatment is ongoing.  He now feels confident enough to go out and do more socially with his wife.  Everything has improved on all levels for him.

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