Homeopathic Diaries – Exam Stress, Incontinence, Rosacea, Tummy Bugs & Winter Coughs

Homeopathic Diaries

It’s been a while since I did a little snapshot of one of my weeks and below are a few of the cases I’ve been working on. *For confidentiality reasons some details have been changed.

Female, in her teens – Exam Stress and Eczema
This lovely girl has been doing wonderfully well with her homeopathic treatment but her Mum called me to say that she had been stressing out over her mock exams and her eczema had started to return in small areas.   This young girl always responds well to her constitutional remedy (this is the main remedy that matches her personality and all of her symptoms).  So after a follow up consultation I posted out her remedy – Pulsatilla 1M.  She also has some remedies to help her with any nerves she may experience on the day.  I wish her good luck with her exams.

Female, 30s – Urinary Incontinence
This lady had been experiencing incontinence following the birth of her third child.  Naturally, this was really upsetting her and affecting her quality of life.  I have given her various remedies over the past few months and each month there is a continued improvement.

Female, 20s Rosacea and Tummy Problems
This lady came to me for skin issues but during her consultation she told me that she also experienced tummy problems.  She had taken anti-biotics in the past which had upset her gut flora.   I prescribed remedies that would help her on all levels,  her tummy and skin symptoms.  She is now feeling much better.  She told me that friends have commented on how healthy she looks.

Female 50s – Night Sweats
This lady came to me as she was waking up at least 5 times during the night and was exhausted each morning.  She had no other symptoms other than the night sweats.  She had always taken a natural approach to her health so decided to see me for homeopathic treatment.  She has reported an improvement and is rarely waking with a night sweat.

Worried Mum – Hand, Foot & Mouth
I had a message from a lady this week because her son’s nursery has had an outbreak of Hand, Foot & Mouth.   She asked me what remedy she should have.  I explained to her that there are many remedies that will help with Hand, Foot & Mouth but to get the best result we wait to see if her son even gets it.  Only then will I prescribe a remedy, I will then ask how it affects him and then I will choose a remedy.  Some of the remedies that can be used for Hand, Foot & Mouth are Merc, Rhus Tox, Borax, Coxs but the best way to treat it is constitutionally and how it impacts the adult or child.

Children – Lingering Coughs
As is usual for this time of year I’ve been helping many children with lingering coughs, some of which they have had since the end of the Summer.  The cough is chesty with lots of mucous and sounds rattly and in some cases causes wheezing.

Each case has been very different and I have given different remedies to each child, some have had Calc C, Ant-T, Phos, Puls, Med.  This demonstrates how homeopathy is tailored to each person.

Children – Diarrhoea and Vomiting Bug
There has been a bug that has been doing the rounds.  The remedy Arsenicum has been helping with some of these cases.  Luckily a lot of the Mums that I work with have remedy kits so once they give me details of their child’s symptoms I let them know what remedy they can take from their kits.

These are just some snippets from some of my cases these past few weeks.

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